Game Podunk | Depth Trailer Shows Off Tense Underwater Gameplay

In this game you have the option of being either a diver or a shark. If you jump in with the human team there are three types of character to choose from. First off, there is the watcher who monitors the other divers and surrounding waters. The watcher is the much-needed support in shark infested waters as well as the one tagging sharks. Second, there is the hunter. Hunters also protect their teammates but in a more physical way. They come equipped with a speargun and bait to lure away or stop approaching sharks. Finally, there is the seeker. The seeker is integral to the team because they seek out and secure treasure. This treasure is why everyone is out risking their lives to begin with. A seeker should never be left alone because they are mostly weaponless, but each team member has a knife with them, just in case there is no other choice.

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GraySnake2786d ago

looks interesting... this is for both systems correct?