PSU Review Of Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow Review

PSU Writes: "Spy games. WMDs. World espionage, stealth kills, and secret agendas. Welcome to the world of Syphon Filter. The latest installment of the series for the PSP finds Gabe Logan and the agency rushing to the aid of a besieged navy transport; the Mount St. Helens. This mission is undertaken at the behest of Cordell, a white collar criminal and bureaucrat who reeks of corruption and is dirtier than a sewage worker in a white suit. Shortly after hitting the scene, Logan and crew are plunged into a firefight as they encounter pirates attempting to hijack the contents of Hold 5. Without revealing too much of the storyline, Logan finds that he is not the first response team to make the scene. Gabe is also quickly robbed of his escape route, as well as any support in the field".

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HondaSIRowner4089d ago

Thats it? They blame it on the learning curve and the story not making sense for a gamer who isn't familiar. All those animations from Gabe and they gave it a low score? well its PSU so it doesn't matter. I can't wait for this game.

Omegasyde4089d ago

I can't wait for this game to have a PS3 version.

happygamer4089d ago

should have at least gotten 8.0 or 8.5 but either way its good dont care if a game is .1 ill try it before i go out and buy it wont buy a game cause of a review.

doomsonyman4089d ago

this is the most underrated game that sony has

LeonSKennedy4Life4089d ago

The first one got AMAZING reviews! I'll probably just wait for the PSM review. They give you more insight than anyone else...although I'm still mad for the whole Warhawk thing.

ps3FTW4089d ago

really the The first one was AMAZING