In defense of "bad" games

In gaming, there is an almost universally accepted notion of what is a good game. The funny thing though is that we don’t know what makes it good beyond the usual praises of solid game design, stellar graphics and fun factor.

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ShawnCollier2785d ago

It's really sad that Nier didn't get more recognition.

DelbertGrady2785d ago

I've just spent over 35 hours with it and I'm not done yet. It's an amazing game. Amazing boss battles and music.

Balt 2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

Bad games, huh?

They told me Bionic Commando for PS3 was a bad game -- I loved it. One of the top 5 best games I've played this gen.

They said the Club sucked Monkey **** -- I loved it. It was everything an arcade shooter should be.

They said Conan was a God of War ripoff, a bad one at that -- It was one of the most rewarding experiences I've had so far. It was fun and never took itself too seriously.

They said Lair was the worst game to grace a next gen console, complete with bad controls and enemy AI -- I say it's one of the most unique experience you can find.

They said The Fight: Lights Out was donkey nipples -- Complete Bull****!! You just have to be active and want to do more than sit on your fat ass pushing plastic buttons and waiting for respawn time to get to zero.

They said Ghostbuster on Ps3 was horrible -- Really? Played just like the xbox360 version. Identical.

They said Genji 2 was an abomination -- I say it looks better than many of the games coming out right now, and it plays just like Ninja Gaiden does almost to the letter.

I don't listen to anyone anymore because no one knows what my taste are but me. People who pay people to review games are morons. They could be spending that money on something someone actually needs.

Gundamstormer2784d ago

Lair was brilliant,and i say conan was better than god of war 2,3 not better than the first one though lol

zackacloud2785d ago

They Said WKC too bad but actually it best RPG in console on this gen

sashimi2785d ago

So true, it is one of my new favorite rpgs

baodeus2785d ago

sad really, nier is actually pretty good and the sound track is just awesome. One of the best out there.

midgard2272785d ago

itotlly agree, nier was a really good bad game. interesting shooter elements with some platforming, ok combat, good story and an OMG WTF AMAZING sound track. i would just stand and listen to devola sing lol. the best is when her and her sister sang but i didnt get to listen to it long cuz i as in a rush 2 bad it happened only once

Simon_Brezhnev2785d ago

lol hell i downloaded the soundtrack to nier

baodeus2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

yeah i bought the sound track too. I think the music alone make the game that much greater. Make you feel pump when fighting especially all that drum....just beautiful. Epic music. Pretty underrated game this gen.

Zashule2785d ago

If anyone reading this has not purchased Nier yet. GO BUY IT NOW! One of the greatest ActionRPGs I have played this gen. The music is beyond outstanding, the story in general is shockingly twisted once you get all of the endings. The variance in camera angles and the way they switch up the battles between almost a 3D shooter and a DMC-ish fighting style makes battles extremely thrilling! All in all, I hope they make a sequel for it, I would literally pay $100 for a copy if it came out, it is just that good!

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