Microsoft admits Halo 3 caused Xbox Live glitches

Anyone able to pry themselves away from Halo 3 might have noticed many of the Xbox Live arcade and other games weren't exactly working properly. Apparently the massive traffic influx from Halo 3 was to blame.

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P4KY B4036d ago

Thats an insane amount at one time.

Ps3Fanboy7774036d ago

What a bunch of crap. Ps3 has solid games meanwhile every game released on the 360 causes more and more problems. How on earth can people still say the ps3 is hard to dev for. Atleast it doesnt have these type of issues.

Pathetic. Seriously. Makes me wonder why i picked up the 360. Should had stayed with my Ps3. 360 is over hyped.

Saint Sony4035d ago

Of course there is not issues like this with PS3. There hardly is 100 people online at once in any game. We are talking over 1 million people here.

the worst4036d ago

online there more lag
than the dreamcast

AnalFace4036d ago

The 360 is not that bad but the lag is. Jesus!!! online sometimes lags so bad i feel like screaming!!!!

iceice1234036d ago

Severs would explode if more than 15k tried to play a single game at the same time. Cry more, nobody likes PSN, it's trash. You get what you pay for.

DJ4036d ago

Me and my neighbors just played Warhawk today, and the servers were running just fine. I've seen up to 800 servers on busy days just for that title, so I'm pretty sure PSN can handle the traffic. Who knew that free online could equal lag-free gameplay?

green_ghost54035d ago

How so??? Correct me if I am wrong, but didn't the PS3 have similar problems with Warhawk, does that make your system one big glitch? The PS3 has problems of it's own, don't kidd yourself.

S1D3 EFFEC74035d ago

I almost never lag. In fact, last time I noticed real lag was in Prey last year.

Jinxstar4035d ago

My 2 cents.

Warhawk became extremely popular overnight and PSN wasn't ready for it but still ran very well. Still does.

Halo hit their target player based and should have been ready for it. Saying they weren't ready is no excuse just BS.

For the record I own both and overall Warhawk has had fewer issues during gameplay for me then Halo. Only big issue in Warhawk is joining servers but that has become steadily easier.

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mighty_douche4036d ago (Edited 4036d ago )

consoles need more dedicated servers simple as that.

edit @ uh_what, thanks mate, vaginal hygene should never be undertaken lightly!

@ i see your point, but please dont use anything produced with an EA symbol to try and prove a point, EA are c**ts.

@ i see where your coming from but thats beginning to change, all the big titles are going pc to such as COD4, which they'll look better on! if you got the rig of course, i do! =)

jaja14344036d ago

Ha PC's have always had lag. Hell with a 3GB connection I still rarely get anything below 100ms on BF2142, and back in the day when I used to play WOW I remember many a raids ruined because of lag.

Though I do agree that it would be just pleasant if both networks had dedicated servers, but I don't see that happening because of cost. :(

Chris_GTR14036d ago

your right! because pc gaming dosent have any games. the last good game on pc was half life 2, and farcry. wich were both 3 years ago. crysis comming up in a month. only available to the nerdiest of pc gamers... ones that can afford 2000$ pcs..

WilliamRLBaker4035d ago

you mean pc gaming doesn't have lag? really wow i did not know that...

You mean pc gamings servers cant go down? they all ways stay up?

You mean pc gamings computes dont have problems if i mess with settins they stay up regardless?

Wait pc gaming doesn't have even more of a problem with devs releaseing games that dont work that require a patch later to work? really i did not know that.

I could keep going but ill put it this way, PC gaming has all the problems of console gaming, both offline and online, and HAS MORE of it and more types to boot.

*counter strike, no longer has official valve servers, its all user run, and if you say any thing or play better then the host or owner? watch your ip get banned quick. and its not just saying bad words if he doesn't like ur voice on voice chat, or you have a different belief then him, he/she will ip ban you*


to chris_gtr1, dude your a complete fool, the 360 is a big peice of junk,i went through 2 of them and know countless others who have gone through more. most of them were smart enough to sell there crap box and buy one of the other systems instead. i went back to PC gamming which was the best choice i ever made. As for games available , try reading jackazz, i have been playing world in conflict 9.6 rating for a few weeks now, you wont have it until next year lol but to rub it in your face even more ALL games are not only more indepth, have more features, are $10 to $20 cheaper then 360 games They all look 5x better and are FREE to play online. Even on my cheapest $900 system lol
Get your facts straight blind fanboy.

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sovietsoldier4036d ago

i did not have to look to this site to figure out that halo was behind the slowdown on xbox live. live was slowing down and acting wierd befor it was out.

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