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GameDynamo - "Any game that can renew my interest in a sport I had nearly forgotten about deserves more than a unanimous decision. In my book, Fight Night Champion is the undisputed champ. "

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Beahmscream2788d ago

I'll have to pick this one up

Quagmire2788d ago

Sad how despite all the Rave scores its getting, will never get nominated for Goty

Balt 2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

When they add motion support, be it Kinect or Move, I'll get it. I won't until then. If I can go 10 rounds, 3 min a pop and constantly swap out the top spot on the leader-board with another dude, with no one even coming close to the scores we've got on there -- I can go round for round in this. I burn 1300 calories in 30min on the Fight Lights Out. I swing 350's and 375's in succession of x's 5. I'll wear this game out.

EA said the "average" gamer couldn't go a round of swinging and ducking -- Well I'm not a gamer. Bring it on.

P.S. Anyone with the Fight: lights out, I encourage you to come and knock me or Jo off the leaderboards in Rubber Dummy Training. Hell, I'd like to see someone other than he or I even pull 300,000 points.

SJPFTW2788d ago

Kinect? Move? how can you have an authentic boxing experience when Manny Pacquiao and Muhammoud Ali move like your fat ass? LOL

Quagmire2788d ago

Looks like someone hit the roids a bit hard today

LOGICWINS2788d ago

"Well I'm not a gamer. Bring it on."

If ur nt a gamer...why are you a member of N4G?