Destructoid - GDC 11: Our latest look at Dead Island

Destructoid - My last preview of Dead Island impressed me quite a bit. I saw it for the first time two months ago, and much has gone into the game since then. The demo was the same area that I saw before for the most part, so I’ll simply hit on all the new things that were shown off.

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Wizziokid2788d ago

"Later in the demo, we were told that you’ll be able to drive cars around the island, which will be really beneficial in cutting down on travel time. Deep Silver wouldn’t say how big the island you’re playing on is, but we can expect the game to clock in at around 20 to 30 hours. I imagine it will be even longer thanks to the side-quests and the four-player co-op which will balance and scale appropriately based on how many people are playing.

This preview session was hands-off once again, so I can’t comment on how the controls are. But everything else is shaping up to an awesome -- and more importantly, refreshing -- zombie experience."

Nice, can't wait to see gameplay!