Study suggests 7 in 10 people find piracy socially acceptable

A new study out of Denmark shows that about 70% of people find unauthorized downloading to be socially acceptable to a greater or lesser extent. (Though three quarters of respondents said it was not all right to sell what you downloaded to friends afterward.)

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smoothdude2785d ago

I bet you will find more than 3 out of every 10 people on N4G against Piracy. I guess that study needs to be widened a bit more!

Thrillhouse2785d ago

They didn't mention the study being video game exclusive (unless it's in the Danish PDF).

I'd say that majority of N4G has downloaded a song illegally.

zootang2784d ago

Ask people in the industry, see if they support it. You know the people who make our games.

blackburn52784d ago

Exactly. Ask the people who work hard to make a game,movie or program only to watch their reward efforts pan out to less then they expected. Go to them and tell them pirating is okay and they should accept it. They will probably find something heavy and knock your teeth out. Just because something is socially excepted doesn't make it right. If cannibalism became socially accepted would that make it right?

Godmars2902785d ago

Between downloading and burning games on a disc, to torreting a show either not in your region or edited, to outright watching a movie someone else got from a camcorder, surprised it isn't more "accepted."