Details emerge from GDC on NGP's storage.

"Today during Sony’s GDC panel on the PSP’s successor, Next Gen Portable, we finally got more specifics on the handheld’s storage ability. According to Sony, the device itself won’t feature an internal hard drive, but rather each game card (which will be either 2GB or 4 GB) will have 5-10% of space for save data, patches, etc."

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Joni-Ice2785d ago

WOW REALLY? I dont think I like that idea. Im one of those guys who have a ton of music albums and photos on the PSPgo. Guess I cant play BEATS anymore cause the game requires music to be on the HDD and not memory sticks or whatever they are calling it.

nfourgtoday2784d ago

There will apparantly be some kind of external memory card that can act as a hard drive so maybe certain titles like BEATS will still work?

NiKK_4192784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

i'm sure it's gonna have internal storage, and also space for memory cards, this only talks about the carts that the games are on...don't pay any attention to this article, just wait for sony to tell us the truth

Lord_Doggington2784d ago

hm, i wonder how much space will be available on the external hd card. hopefully more than 3.8 gigs...

Stealth20k2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

the medium size is perfect. A good cap to keep development costs low and make it so ps3 ports are generally impossible/way worse (in addition to graphics in between the psp and ps3).

I am confident this wont compete with the ps3 now.

Frenza2784d ago

Let me get this right, if I lose my "game card" then im losing my saved game too? I hope that NGP will get cloud storage then.

sjaakiejj2784d ago

That's nothing new... Up until at least Gameboy Advance, and I believe but cannot confirm that this is true for DS, DSi and 3DS, the save-games were stored on the card as well.

Besides, if you lose your game card, you can't play the game any more anyway...

Aarix2784d ago

Yes but you can replace a game but its a pain in the ass to play the game from scratch.

sjaakiejj2784d ago

Wouldn't you say buying the game new is a pain in the arse as well? Just don't lose the game lol. Besides, it's not unlikely that you can back up your savegames anyway.

TreMillz2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

well sir, with all due respect, Sony is giving you the option to download the game via PSN, therefore the only way to lose your game is to have your data corrupted or worse, lose your NGP. Plus im pretty sure theres a way to store your saves elsewhere.

Chromer2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

They keep the internal HDD out of the system to cut costs on the probably already expensive NGP. This way, Sony can advertise the memory cards at an attractive price to drive accessory sales to compliment the purchases of the NGP. Pretty smart actually business wise. Now, let's see how it affects developers' plans for games having to work around the limitations. I'm sure the cards will grow in size as time passes so no worries.

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The story is too old to be commented.