IGN: GDC: Is Dead Island Anything Like Its Debut Trailer?

Dead Island is a first-person hack-and-slash game set in the midst of a zombie outbreak in a tropical paradise. It's more Dead Rising than Resident Evil, with a focus on action over suspense. The developers themselves say they're going for "zombie zombie zombie all the time." An abundance of makeshift weapons lying around like paddles, baseball bats, and wrenches – and the fact that these can be combined and upgraded – further reminds IGN of Dead Rising.

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BabyTownFrolics2784d ago

i hope the game is like its screenshots

Agent VX2784d ago

Love Zombie games... I didn't mind Dead Rising, but I really hope they think twice of implimenting Dead Rising Save system. That was the sole reason why I didn't finish that game, I hated the save system.

limewax2784d ago

Im just a bit worried that the gameplay is similar. I spent a lot of time playing the first dead rising but for some reason the second didnt hold my attention as long, I think the weapon combos had a lot to do with oddly enough too, and I dont know why, I loved the idea of it

TheNocturnus2784d ago

I feel the exact same way. I just couldn't play it, yet I got 900/1000 gamerscore on the first game...

Foxhound9222784d ago

My interest level for this game plummeted about 10 notches. I was hoping that this game would have a good story, and serious and realistic gameplay, but this its not looking to good...

--------2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

"The game has a very different tone than the somber trailer. It's fast and arcade-like. The plaintive piano and strings of the trailer are replaced with video game heavy metal. You can be clawed, bitten, and mauled by zombies and then be in perfect health a moment later. Tools and equipment can be jammed together to create ridiculous weapons, like an electrified machete."

- Yeah, that sounds like a serious, realistic zombie movie style game /s.

nickjkl2783d ago

welp moving on

so whens the next zombie game that just like i imagined at

we need an open world zombie survival horror game

where only head shots or decapitations kill the zombies

this just seems like their going to throw a bunch of zombies at you

i mean come on im immune to the zombie disease THIS IS NOT WHAT I WANTED