No Sequel Planned For Donkey Kong Country Returns

If you’re expecting Nintendo to deliver a quick and dirty sequel to last year’s hit Donkey Kong Country Returns, you might want to scale back your expectations. For one, Retro Studio’s president and CEO Michael Kelbaugh told us that making a platformer was a lot more work than he expected. But more importantly, we’ve been told that Nintendo has no plans to make a sequel at this time.

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theafroman2789d ago

dam it i would of love another one.

RedPawn2789d ago

Well they did say "Planned," Here's hoping the Kremlin's come back for a one time giant adventure.

smoothdude2789d ago

It would be stupid to think that Nintendo will never make another Donkey Kong platforming game. I haven't played Donkey Kong Returns yet, but it is definitely on my to do list.

MasterChief36242788d ago

Yeah, after the blisteringly good sales of DKCR, Nintendo would be shutting out a big window of business opportunity if they did not pursue a sequel.

This is just a damn shame to read... :(

As a side note, Donkey Kong Country Returns would be suhweet on the 3DS. In fact, while I was playing through Donkey Kong Country Returns, that's all I was thinking about: "Dayum, this would be sweet on the 3DS." :P

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sp1deynut2789d ago Donkey Kong Country Returns Again?

Good to see Nintendo has no intention of milking it's original IPs. /s

Seferoth752788d ago

Yes cause 1 DKC after 15 years or so is just milking it. Bet you cant wait for the 3rd Uncharted in as many years though.

Neo Nugget2789d ago

Now get back to work on Metroid :)

Tzuno2789d ago

who needs a sequel when the original was better. Maybe a HD remake of the first 3 super Nintendo games.

TruthbeTold2789d ago

There's one thing to look at. Money. Nintendo is making a crapload off of DKC returns. We'll see another one within a reasonable time. Maybe not this year or next, but we'll see one relatively soon.

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