Everyday Shooter: A Work Of Art

Jonathan Mak is no everyday game developer. Instead of being a part of a huge, multi-tiered team focused one specific aspect of game's design, he chooses to be the composer, conductor and performer of his own works.

Most solo game designers publish their creations as a freeware download or online Flash-based game, if they publish at all. But Mak, who lives and works in Toronto, Canada, has been courted by Sony Computer Entertainment to have his latest game, called Everyday Shooter, released as a PlayStation 3 title. It's slated to be available next month as a $10 download through the online PlayStation Store.

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MK_Red4039d ago

With games like this and Echochrome, PS3 already has more innovative games that the Wii which everyone calls innovative.

Fighter4039d ago

After watching all PSN previews from all game shows this year I agree with you that PS3 is coming out with more original and innovative titles compared to their rivals.

I'm looking forward to this game. You have the option to play this as a game with difficulty and challenges or you could just freestyle in God mode and create sounds that only you can imagine in your head. A must buy for me.

masterg4039d ago

People also say that the Wii has introduced casual games.
The truth is Sony did that on PS2 with games like Singstar, Buzz and a lot of EyeToy games.

According to the media Sony can do nothing right.

PimpHandHappy4039d ago

the music idea

looks cool and for 10 bucks it might be a great buy

rosko4864039d ago

10 bucks seems a bit much in my opinion. But then again I did pay 7 bucks for Locoroco.

Proxy4039d ago

Now the Locoroco song is in my head for atleast another 48 hrs, and I'd just gotten rid of it!!!

Shankle4039d ago

What?! Locoroco's only £2 over here!! We NEVER get anything cheaper than you!!!
*Very tiny victory dance*

LeonSKennedy4Life4039d ago

I HATED the new LocoRoco. It was TERRIBLE! They could've just made the sixaxis move the world around and jump by moving the controller up. How hard would that have been, huh? The PSP one was AWESOME! I HATE this Cocorecho!!!

Fighter4039d ago

I'm not too fond of the sixaxis functionality of the new loco roco game because the controller is not as receptive at time and it can get a bit frustrating and annoying but overall I still like playing it and it is challenging.

I'll fully agree with you that the PSP version is much, much better.

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