Hey Hollywood, Where's Our Call of Duty Movie?

PSXExtreme Writes: Has anybody noticed that most any popular video game property is on the road to becoming a feature film? There's "Uncharted," "Devil May Cry," and others...but how is the biggest franchise in history not on the big screen yet?

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Kran2786d ago

Hopefully in the bowels of the nether where it'll never be made until activision can learn how to get their companies to make a proper game.

Op242786d ago

Lol if we see a Cod movie we will see cod books, comics, japanese anime, cereal boxes, cup holders, bandanas and more. Oh the horror!

Kran2786d ago

Don't forget action figures, a tv spin-off, and a game based off the movie. Yes. You heard me. A GAME BASED OFF THE MOVIE THATS BASED OFF THE GAMES.

Nitrowolf22786d ago

I don't think Call of duty even needs a movie. Other then the name, it would really have no story to it unless it was related to Modern warfare, which i believe is the only COD that has a story line that follows to the next title, i just don't see there being a point then. It's like any war movie if you think of it, i mean what are people expecting from a cod movie if there was ever one? Auto aim??

DanSolo2785d ago

Don't worry about it.... very soon you will have a new one every single year.... it will always have the same problems and get progressively worse with each new iteration!

It's guaran-damn-teed! ;)

Pillville2785d ago

Yea, Hollywood has never thought of a war movie before. /s

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