IGN: Prototype 2 Kicks Things Up a Notch

In Prototype 2, players will take control of Sgt. James Heller, a man who has lost his family to the heinous virus that infected New York in the first game. The game's first protagonist, Alex Mercer, deems him a worthy successor, subsequently infecting him with the virus and making Heller his own genetically evolved "Prototype."

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captain-obvious2811d ago

the first game sucked sooo bad
so im not holding my breath for this one

thereapersson2811d ago

Here's hoping the sequel is a bit more than just Hulk: Ultimate Destruction v2.0

WildArmed2811d ago

I'm glad they are giving Prototype another go.
While the first was underwhelming, the game has alot of potential
I can't wait to see the changes / fixes they made in P2 :D

dead_eye2811d ago

Yeah if they do an assassins creed 2 on it it should be good.

Derekvinyard132811d ago

yea it will kick things 2012, we have a while people

HeavenlySnipes2811d ago

If they try releasing around InFamous 2 then they'll get raped.

user8586212811d ago

so they canceled true crime in favor of this sh*t?

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The story is too old to be commented.