Bonus Round Episode 11: Part 2 - Japan: Culturally Biased?

Bonus Round breaks down the differences between Japanese and American games.

This time the Bonus Round continues exploring the differences between the gaming in Japan versus North America:
- Have American game developers written off the Japanese market?
- How is the culture of importing Japanese games changing?

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Synex4039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

No they are smart enough not to buy a product with a 30% failure rate.

Ya I agree not everyone that bought it is stupid (Most of my friends did)

gunnerforlife4039d ago

amin to dat brother:D but that dosent mean everyone is stupid for buying it just a selected few that kiss it ass

Time Lord4039d ago

will appeal to them, but am sure PS3 will be the eventual winner of the console war in Japan. Japanese people are very wise people.

osirisomeomi4039d ago

The point i think they were skirting around is that Japanese and Western gamers look for different things in their games. The Japanese don't find violence amusing for its own sake, so many western games fail over there. The Japanese also don't like realism in their games, instead using them as a tool for escapism. Therefore, realistic games also tend to not do well. What Japanese gamers look for are fun like what Nintendo makes in its games, skill and efort, or a sense of purpose and story like in most RPG games.
Frankly, while my tastes aren't exactly like those of the Japanese gamers, they do have a point about realism. Frankly, I haven't found realism to actually translate into fun most of the time. I'm not saying they're mutually exclusive, but that usually developers focus too much on one and not enough on the other. For example, Killzone 2 looks realistic, but doesn't look like fun. Halo doesn't look realistic, but does look fun. Until western developers stop focusing on realism at the expense of fun, Japanese gamers will not buy their games.
As for one franchise that has done well in Japan, look to Ratchet and Clank. Completely unrealistic, extremely fun, and a hit everywhere.

unlimited4039d ago

He hit the spot about Americans loving first person shooter games..I dont think their games will ever do good in Japan..There is a lot of Japanese games that do so great here in North America..

American Devlopers have a difficult time making games for Japan because all of it is just FPS..

sanderFVCKINcohen4039d ago

There are still alot of Americans who dont really take games serioiusly out here, games are still being seen as a teenagers or for kids kind of thing. The only thing Americans takes seriouisly is there movies & music and thats why they are the best at it. But, for the Japanese they TOTALLY LOVE there games, thats why they take there gameing seriously and all those gadgets they have. The only western games that I see being good are SCEA in house studio games like Icognito Ent., Naughty Dog, SCE San Diego Studio,SCE Santa Monica Studio, and Zipper Interactive, because Sony takes game developement very seriously. Microsoft is new, and it seems like they are starting to do kind of good.

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