Xbox 360 Exclusives For 2011 Are Extremely Dry

Sony’s PlayStation 3 exclusive line-up for 2011 is over 20 games. The Xbox 360, however – apart from Gears of War 3 and Forza 4 – doesn’t have much to boast about.

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TheLastGuardian3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

lol I get it.

•Gears of War 3 (360's exclusive GOTY)
•XCOM (also on PC)
•Codename: Kingdoms – Kinect Enabled (we don't know much on this)
•Star Wars – Kinect Enabled (Is this even confirmed for 2011?)
•Forza 4 – Kinect Enabled (If you're into racing sims, just play GT5)
•Project Draco – Kinect Enabled (never heard of it)
•Codename D – Kinect Enabled (never heard of it)
•Rise of Nightmares – Kinect Enabled (never heard of it)
•Steel Battalion Heavy Armour – Kinect Enabled (never heard of it)
•Haunt – Kinect Enabled (never heard of it)

Perjoss3700d ago

And most of us have have a PS3 also, you know just in case :)

malandra3700d ago

2011 PS3 core exclusive list

little big planet 2 (1/18)
killzone 3 (2/22)
MLB The Show (3/8)
yakuza 4 (3/15)
PS Move Heroes (3/22)
Motorstorm Apocalypse (4/12)
Socom 4 (4/19)
Infamous 2 (6/7)
ICO/SOTC HD collection
Ratcher and Clank All For One
White Knight Chronicles 2
Ni No Kuni
Resistance 3 (9/6)
Uncharted 3 (11/1)
The Last Guardian (holidays 2011)
Twisted Metal (holidays 2011)

(please note how I'm leaving out games like DC Universe Online, The Agency and Final Fantasy 14 because they're not exclusives because they have PC versions)

360 2011 core exclusive list

Gears of War 3 (fall 2011)
Forza 4

(in both lists the ones with no dates are TBA2011, but at some point they were announced for 2011)

young juice3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

if i see that list 1 more time.....

try me


dude you snagged a beast username

TheLastGuardian3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

@young juice
Yeah, I've seen that exact same comment a few times on here but I never get tired of seeing that list. I just post this link instead.

callahan093700d ago

Codename: Kingdoms – Kinect Enabled (we don't know much on this)

Is it? I didn't hear that. When did they announce that? (I also doubt it comes out in 2011)

kancerkid3700d ago

So what is the sense of posting these flamebait articles again?

(What a great site..)

malandra3700d ago

@young juice

The List is always on call when its needed

callahan093700d ago

I got a disagree for asking when they announced that Codename: Kingdoms will have Kinect support? Weird. Why doesn't somebody just answer me, instead?

Mystogan3700d ago

Codename: Kingdoms is not Kinect-enabled, if he can say that then i can say that the teaser was in-game.

Forza 4 is not a kinect game, it has kinect minigames.

this site made those "mistakes" just to get attention, of course N4PS3fanboys bought it.

palaeomerus3700d ago

little big planet 2 - Not really interested
killzone 3 - Got it!
MLB The Show - Meh. baseball.
yakuza 4 - Meh. Shemue is over.
PS Move Heroes - looks awful.
Motorstorm Apoc. - interested
Socom 4 - footage looks kind of bad
Infamous 2 - mildly interested
ICO/SOTC - Meh, retreads.
Journey -short artsy DL game
Ratchet/Clank All41 -looks bad.
Sorcery -meh.
White Knight Chron 2 - didn't like first one.
Ni No Kuni - Also on PSP/DS, DL game
Resistance 3 - interested
Uncharted 3 - interested
The Last Guardian - slightly interested
Twisted Metal - never liked TM

So that's for games out of that that actually interest me.

Meanwhile I have a LOT of multiplatform games that I'll probably get on 360. Portal 2, Skyrim, Bullstestorm, Crysis 2, Red Faction Armageddon, LA Noire, Rage, Duke Nukem Forver, Brink, Torchlight 2, etc.

PS3 exclusives are more impressive than 360 exclusives but it's not going to influence my buying habits much.

BornToKill3700d ago


P - Dont really like the letter P
a - kind of cool use it a a lot
l - meh
a - here it is again getting sick of it
e - LAME!
o - terrible
m - i like writing it
e - starting to like it
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u - interesting
s - LOTY

Arnon3699d ago

U mad?

Anyway, I don't understand what core exclusive list means. People keep complaining that Microsoft uses only 3 games to keep the 360 going, and when they announce new games they're not core titles, even though people are putting downloadable games and titles never mentioned before into a list for the PS3 to make it grow. Somehow, that isn't the same.

No matter how many games Microsoft releases, you guys are still going to try and find a loophole and complain.

"Oh... well this game has partial Kinect support. It's not a real game. I cant wait for Sorcery, though.



Thanks Captain Obvious! :D

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HungPHATx3700d ago

Sony has Move ! But they don't pound there chest as it begin a reason to own a PS3 , MS had to with a pathic line up like that

Pixelated_Army3700d ago


It's because of my PS3 that I'm going to start building me a PC rig so to all the PC snobs out there. :P

HolyOrangeCows3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

This article will spawn the usual, inevitable excuses.

"Multiplatform games are alllll I need! That's EXACTLY why I invest in a game system, not for games that I can get on there, but games available on multiple systems (except on this one...I get to PAY MORE to play it online and get rip-off map packs a month early...Hooray!!)"

"Microsoft will announce a bunch of games for Sept/Nov/Dec...even though their history doesn't support this claim (All of 2010's top 360 titles were announced 10 months or longer before release), I still say that they wait to announce games"

"[Insert list of upcoming Kinect games] Who needs games? I'm just so proud of Microsoft, selling lots of things that don't benefit me"

Microsoft is catering to a new crowd and if you don't demand more, you'll be left in the dust.

saladthieves3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

Microsoft: "2011 is going to be an incredible year for Xbox!!"
Gamer: "Any new exclusive titles for the hardcore coming to compete with the neighbors such as Uncharted 3, Resistance 3 and the likes?"
Microsoft: "Absolutely! We've got amazing titles coming from Kinect as well as titles like Star Wars Kinect that will absolutely blow your mind!"
Gamer: "Other than the whole Kinect stuff, any new exclusives??"
Microsoft:"We've got amazing upcoming titles such as Arkham Cit-"
Gamer: "No."
Microsoft:"Portal 2 will b-"
Gamer: "No!"
Microsoft:"Our games get exclusive DLC that comes out ahe-"
Gamer: "NO!!.I said exclusives!"
Microsoft: " Absolutely! 2011 is going to be an incredible year for Xbox!!"
Gamer: "We're screwed."

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Ve3tro3700d ago

I'd imagine Microsoft will pull something out of the hat at E3.

LOGICWINS3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

Yeah, thats pretty much what they do every year.

@Stealth20k- Nothing? Didn't they announce Kinect last year? lol, I certainly wouldn't call an add-on that sold 8 million in its first 60 days "nothing"...but whatever floats ur boat.

Stealth20k3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

they actually didnt do that last year at E3. In fact they basically had nothing...........6 kinect exclusives we havent even seen 1 screenshot yet.

And while sony has been leading worldwide for the last 2 years, and japan/europe for along time just this month they lead in america too.

They better do something.

@ above

yeah nothing that hasnt helped microsofts worldwide situation. If anything its made it worse. And kinect wasnt announced at E3........

captain-obvious3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

last 2 E3's (i think) the only thing they pulled was this
kinect and its games
and code name kingdoms

a gimmick with it games
a rehash game
and a game that we know nothing about
so i wont hold my breath if i was you

BattleAxe3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

Yeah......Microsoft has all kinds of things hidden under their sleeves.........."cricket cricket"...."the sounds of a pigeon flapping wings amongst a quiet backdrop"..."the sounds of a few cockroach's scattering"......Oh wait, they're getting ready to announce one month exclusivity for the next CoD map pack!

mrv3213700d ago

Kinect a device that sold 8 million... if only I could play sales. Seriously how many gamers, the ones that play FPS's RPG's and Racing games are going 'I'm so glad I purchased my Kinect for... the slow menu navigation'

Microsoft was supposed to pull something out at last years E3 and we got... yeah... if this year is like last year without Kinect then the 360 2011 will be looking poor.

Infact this: beats EVERYTHING else done at the Microsoft E3.

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Kran3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

Alan Wake 2....


They dont even have to release it this year (cause theres a tight schedule anyway, and would just get as lower sales as before.)


Wow. You were obviously disappointed with the sequel. Had nothing else to play on while you waited, much?

theonlylolking3700d ago

Alan wake 2 would be great but they probably wont get much or any support by M$ because of alan wakes sales.

IRetrouk3699d ago

remedy are making the new xmen game, no alan wake 2, at least not this year.

3700d ago
jwatt3700d ago

OK don't you see what's going on here? Even if they pull something for E3, that's half the year gone by! While Sony will be on to releasing their fifth exclusive with Infamous2 coming out the day of E3. Don't get wrong, MS will have some big announcements but what about the whole year? Are they waiting until E3 because they haven't paid for their exclusives yet?

f7897903700d ago

Hopefully it isn't as embarrassing as last year.

"Stop it Skittles, that tickles!"


jimbone793699d ago

I'm a big MS fan and I agree with you 100%.

Relientk773700d ago

Maybe they will pull a bunny out of their hat


fucadastates3700d ago

MS doing somthing big at e3.. well how did it go in 2009 and 10?

DeadlyFire3699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

Microsoft should have at least 1 new game at E3.

Crytek's Kingdoms game will be shown.

Halo: Combat Reevoved is coming. Halo HD pretty much on new engine and new gameplay mechanics. Basically testing 343's ability to make a Halo game.

I believe two other games will appear. PGR 5 might show up. I believe they are going to attempt to make PGR 5 match up to GT 5.

Alan Wake 2 is very possible.

Other than that unless something is hidden in a magic place. All is left is Microsoft platform exclusives on PC/X360. That and well Kinect games. Ick.

Everything else is multiplatform.

Sizzon3699d ago

PGR 5 can't show up because Bizarre Studios has just recently been shutdown by Activision.

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-Mezzo-3700d ago

Forza 4 & Xcom, is what i'm looking forward to, the most & since i don't have a Kinect, rest of the stuff doesn't concern me. So yeah it is a bit dry.

LOGICWINS3700d ago

"Xbox 360 Exclusives For 2011 Are Extremely Dry"

Yeah, I wonder what Microsoft is planning. Hopefully they don't focus too much on Kinect enabled games.

Parapraxis3700d ago

But in all honesty, they'd be crazy NOT to focus a lot of effort on kinect and kinect games.
That being said, offering no support for their long-time dedicated fanbase is a huge no-no.
They could easily support kinect and deliver games for hardcore and casuals alike, but they are not, and that makes me sad.

LOGICWINS3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

"They could easily support kinect and deliver games for hardcore and casuals alike, but they are not, and that makes me sad."

Yeah, I feel that Microsoft has the money to create great Kinect AND 360 console exclusives...heres the problem:

Why would Microsoft invest money in creating exclusive 360 titles when the average 360 owner only buys 1 or 2 games a year(Call of Duty and Madden)?

PandemicPrawn03700d ago

It is what it is I’m afraid.

Personally I have a shit-ton of games to catch up on from the last 2 to 3 years, so I’m not too concerned of the 360’s lack of exclusives for 2011.

I am worried about the state of their first party stable of studios however. I understand their strategy of keeping costs down by having a small number of studios, and relying on third party developers to produce exclusives for them. But it seems to me that it’s a situation that Microsoft is not in control of.

Already we have seen a partnership with Bioware dissolve because of EA buying the studio, the result being the loss of exclusive rights to Mass Effect. What guarantees are there that Epic wont go multiplatform with Gears of War for any future installments?

Call of Duty could be dead in two to three years, what happens then?

Halo cannot carry this platform on it’s own.

My advise to Microsoft is to just tweak the balance a little bit back to first party development. One or two good-sized studios that focus on blockbuster titles so that franchises like Fable can sit on the shelf for a while. Alternatively they could just focus on owning the IP and continue with supporting third party studios. Just think what Ubisoft could do with an IP like Perfect Dark, or Twisted pixel with Banjo or Conker?

Why not let Capcom or Team Ninja take a swing at Killer Instinct?