GameSpot: Dynasty Warriors 7 Hands-On

You may think that after six Dynasty Warriors games, there's little new to discover in this sprawling hack-and-slash series. Tecmo Koei is hoping to pleasantly surprise cynics with the newest addition--Dynasty Warriors 7--by adding in a considerable amount of new content, particularly in the form of a brand new faction that comes with its own set of new characters and battles.

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SolidDuck2784d ago

There's actual good games that don't get sequels yet they keep pumping these trash dynasty warriors games out. Who buys them?

radphil2784d ago

I recommend not commenting on things you don't know of.

AhmadCentral2784d ago

Read the article, play the game, then comment.

They've made some considerable changes to this game that make it so much better than all the previous installments. I think its going to be a great sequel according to what i've seen and read so far!

Neko_Mega2784d ago

All I care about is being able to make my own characters, I like the game but it gets old really fast. Strike Force was awesome and didn't get as old the others.

SolidDuck2784d ago

What? Radphil climb back into your moms basement.

radphil2784d ago

Glad to see you can't even come up with a valid reason as to why YOU think the game series is trash.

Memo-Xen x31002784d ago

Haven't played DW since the PS2. Gonna check this out once it gets a proper price adjustment.

AhmadCentral2784d ago

If you live in the UK, 'Game' are allowing you to pre order DW7 for £34.99 which isn't bad at all.