60° Operation Flashpoint: Red River Hands-On Preview "After playing through Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising like a fiend when it came out in 2009 and ending up with chronic muscle ache in my shoulders as a result, I was overcome with a mixture of both glee and hesitation when Operation Flashpoint: Red River was announced. On one side I really wanted to throw myself back into that tense warfare situation which, so far, no other game has really come close to matching. But on the other, I knew my body wouldn't really thank me. Oh well!"

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JDouglasGU2785d ago

i don't know if i can get into this game, too hardcore.

tweex2785d ago

I'm with you. I'm afraid it's a little too much me.

Hardedge2785d ago

Sounds pretty exciting, the only OFP game I've played was Cold War and that was pretty fun.

ShawnCollier2785d ago

Wow, that sounds helluva impressive.