Halo 4 already in development?

Speaking with Bungie at an exclusive Microsoft event this month people were informed that there was no rest for the wicked for the team as Bungie was already beavering away at the next Halo game in the franchise. When questioned whether the game would be a prequel, Bungie remained tight lipped as always.

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skynidas4777d ago

what? i thought it was a trilogy and didn't master chief died? stupid bungie

ShiftyLookingCow4777d ago (Edited 4777d ago )

why comment on something you dont give a damn about?

Jdash244777d ago

master chief didnt have to watch after the credits

Hatchetforce4777d ago

dragon, he doesn't own a 360.

nobizlikesnowbiz4777d ago

Chief didn't die?

Thought the '117' scratched on the plane fin was his only marker.

Maybe I wasn't listening to the dialogue close enough. Not like it was terribly compelling. No hate here, just guess I wasn't paying attention.

JsonHenry4777d ago

They thought he died, so they scratched his number on the monument. But after that the credits come on, once the credits are over there is another cut scene that shows the Chief is very much alive and floating on the back half of the ship that was left behind when the worm-hole collapsed.

Then he got into a cryogenic freezer and told Cortana to wake him up when he is needed again. So basically he is floating over the Arc in an unknown part of the galaxy waiting to be found.

WilliamRLBaker4777d ago

hes not near the ark if you listen to cortana she says they made it just, so they went through the hole and are closer to earth, but probly far away.

Daxx4777d ago

Here's the full ending after the credits.

Looks like the Chief and Cortana are going to take a little trip to some planet.

Jdash244777d ago (Edited 4777d ago )

well its either a planet......but it also looks kinda like it could be a halo

Bonsai12144777d ago

supposedly onyx. at least thats what the mythos tells us. and Dr. Halsey and spartan IIs kelly and fred are inside, along with spartan iii's (can't remember their names at the moment). its purpose was to protect the forerunners from the halo when it went off.

Hatchetforce4777d ago

Now that the Ark was opened, the Forerunners will return and the Chief will have to deal with them. Naturally the Arbiter and the Elites will assist.

barom4777d ago

so I guess you can't finish the fight after all

ShiftyLookingCow4777d ago (Edited 4777d ago )

Forerunners were protectors of Humanity in the game(look for Terminals), they did something to save humans when the Halos were last activated. If you finished in Legendary(I saw it on 1UP, I finished in Heroic), you can see the ship drifting towards an artificial planet(most likely Forerunner). If you care about (a ton of people do), Halo story is actually interesting

As far as the current Trilogy goes, the Fight against Flood and Covenant is over for good

sloth4urluv4777d ago

Ummm could they be talking about halo wars?
you know the halo RTS.

Thugbot1874777d ago

After the credits if you wait they show master cheif is still alive. He goes into some type sleep chamber and says call me when you need me. However before the credits they show that master chief died. Smart on bungie.

Hatchetforce4777d ago (Edited 4777d ago )

The Forerunners were the protectors of humanity...50,000 years ago. If you read Ghosts of Onyx then you know where they went. In the end we may learn that humanity was responsible for the Flood and thus the demise of the Forerunners. They would have a great deal of anger with humanity in that case.

I actually expect to see a title with the Arbiter playable first - what was he doing when he wasn't with the Chief? His tale, more so than the Chief is a story of vengeance.

MADGameR4776d ago

Because Halo 3 did'nt affect the 360 units sales! Just as I thought. Bungie pulls a Jay Z!

godofthunder104776d ago

how do you know if halo3 effected the consoles sell,the figures didn't come out yet,that's the problem with sony deadheads, they post crap that they makeup or know nothin about

HateBoy4776d ago

Skynidas you fakkin idiot, if you are gonna write something like that at least put Halo 3 SPOILER or something before saying whatever diarreas out of your moth (fingers), I'm still playing the crap and I did NOT want to know that. Thanks fakkface.

Wii60_FTW4776d ago

nobizlikesnowbiz ,

oh, the story wasn't compelling enough for you not to notice MC didn't die? ORLY? i think you're just plain f*cking retarded. try watching the credits, n00b.

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AznSniper4777d ago

I would prefer a new IP.

FrostyMelon4777d ago

Agree to the new IP...let Halo end.

pwnsause4777d ago

I wouldnt mind a Halo 4 after the ending if you know what I mean.

ChaosKnight4777d ago (Edited 4777d ago )

Actually based on a comment saying "maybe years" at the end - trying not to spoil anything - kinda had me at a hint for the next one.

power of Green 4777d ago (Edited 4777d ago )

Not Halo 4 just more games being developed in the Halo universe(could be before contact could be about one of many battles before 117 was born/made could be 1000 years after chiefs time.

Off Topic: Kingdom Under Fire Circle of Doom is shaping up to be grade A--AAA stuff check out the videos in the 360 section.