Video: Yu Suzuki: "SEGA will probably let me make Shenmue 3"

Gamertag Radio writes: "Yu suzuki discusses the topic of Shenmue including the probability of a third game."

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wwm0nkey2812d ago

Yu Suzuki, still trolling our hopes it seems :(

LOGICWINS2812d ago

Meh...even if it did happen, it won't be out for a while. It seems like there aren't any "set" plans for the game to be made yet.

Oh well, back to Yakuza :)

captain-obvious2812d ago

im sorry to all Shenmue fans out there
but NO
dont get me wrong but
instead of asking for good OLD games
ask fro good NEW games

and knowing SEGA they'll find a very creative way to fuck this game up just like they fucked up sonic
so please no
keep this classic untouched
we dont want it fucked

sometimes some things should just stay they way they are

Redempteur2812d ago

@captain .

we just are hoping for knowing the end of a saga we all enjoyed

we got 7 chapters of a story that had 25 ..EScuse me for wanting to know how it ends ..

Relientk772812d ago (Edited 2812d ago )

Sega should fix their budget problems so they can make this

Optical_Matrix2812d ago

Where's Dark Sniper? Jizzed himself to death over this news?

GodHandDee2812d ago

let? LET!? For effs sake SEGA! pull out a weapon if you have to and MAKE HIM DO IT!

chasegarcia2812d ago (Edited 2812d ago )

Sega is back already. They have been publishing great games this generation. If I was Sega I will have people preordering it. If it reaches 1 Million. Start making the game. The bigger the preorder the bigger the budget.

InfiniteJustice2812d ago

Vanquish was one of the best single player action games last year I thought. It's pretty short but it's hard to find that really good balance of great pacing and super style

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The story is too old to be commented.