Guild Wars 2 Thief Class Leaked

A gift came a week early today when some jerks decided not to cooperate with the embargo that Arenanet set up for them and instead has revealed the next class that will be “revealed” next week officially by Arenanet. Meaning there will be some awesome gameplay videos coming next week.

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digitalivan2786d ago

Here are the leaked videos:

First two videos are about Guardian, and the last two about Thief class.

Dee_Cazo2786d ago

Looks like the thief really utilizes switching weapons.

Neo Nugget2786d ago

It's not technically leaked anymore. Arena Net lifted the embargo.

digitalivan2785d ago

It is, this was suppose to come out at PAX, and now Arenanet is deleting every video.

Mr Exclusive2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

This puts every other MMO to shame.

It just blows my mind that other MMO's are still using the tired old pay to play formula with the usual 'Kill 10 of these' 'Collect 20 of those' type quests.

Dee_Cazo2786d ago

I think the gameplay alone is unique. No more get a group of players run into an enemy group and start spamming buttons until they are dead.

Thank you Anet.

radphil2785d ago

Darn it Anet....Another $60 I gotta spend now :p