Infinity Ward Can't Handle The Pressure? Modern Warfare Needs Frostbite 2.0

Robert Bowling is on a legendary path in game development and as major fans of Infinity Ward and the Call Of Duty Series, we as gamers not only want more but we deserve and need more. How can Call Of Duty go from one of the most cinematic great gameplay experiences in our industry to being the most hated FPS with rinse and repeat tactics year over year.

This is unacceptable and with other high quality games releasing soon in the FPS genre Call Of Duty's Brand Name will never be as big as it is now and will definitely decline in sales and popularity.

GAMERS NEED MORE Mr. Bowling and we know your skilled enough to deliver so please DELIVER

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tony67672788d ago

call of duty is done its old now its going way down just like guitar hero now bring us bf3 cant wait for fresh new engine

Hitman07692788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

agreed on all counts

Passthemic2788d ago

I dunno, MW3 will probably be another sales bonanza.

-Mezzo-2788d ago

Agreed, but the sad thing is that each Year the games sells even better than the last one, PS3 has games like (KZ2, KZ3, MGS4,Uncharted 1/2, Heavy Rain, LBP, inFamous, Motorstorm, etc) and yet that "same crap new wrap" Black Ops is the best selling PS3 game.

LOGICWINS2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

"GAMERS NEED MORE Mr. Bowling and we know your skilled enough to deliver so please DELIVER"

Thats the problem. The "gamers" that YOUR referring to unfortunately DON'T represent the opinions of the MAJORITY. Why would they put in the extra effort knowing that their game will most likely be the best selling game of the year regardless?

For example, the Uncharted franchise has gotten more critical acclaim than the Gears franchise(another 3rd person action shooter)...yet the Gears franchise has sold considerably more.

Do you honestly believe that Epic cares about the the critical acclaim that Naughty Dog gets when Gears, regardless of quality, has made them millions and is currently the most popular 3rd person shooter on consoles?

You have to understand Hiphop, if you were to tell Bowling that he needs to do better he'd say something along the lines of

"I need to do better? Hiphop, where have you been? Modern Warfare 2 is the best selling game on next-gen consoles. Why should I have to sweat when I'm already on top?"

Chubear2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

Until any FPS on consoles can surpass MW games in sales, all this talk is BS.

We've all seen this high BS talk over the years of "blah blah blah MW is crap, I hate it blah blah" and then the next game sells more than the previous

..yet, the other FPSs that people say are way better only get 1/5th MW sales if lucky.

If MW games are "old" and "done" I would expect BF3 to sell 10mill on the PS3&360 in 2weeks while MW3 sells 5mill on both consoles but we all know that ain't happening anytime soon.

Hot air talk then MW3 lands and it'll sell 20mill in 1month on the 360 alone

SeNiLesBack2788d ago

Say what you want but I don't see this series slowing down anytime soon... unless they just bomb on the next one. Hard to see that happening.

captain-obvious2788d ago

"Modern Warfare Needs Frostbite 2.0"
lol that would be sooo ironic

Jonah_Reese2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

I agree with Passthemic, Guitar Hero didn't have CoD numbers as long as Activision can keep squeezing 18-22 million units out of consumers from all platforms they'll ride that same engine til Generation 8.

Activision is about Quantity not quality. No matter how much better Battlefield looks over CoD people will look at it as "Eh another game trying to be CoD," and Activision will turn their nose up and say "whatever, we sold 20 million units." It's a shame when a medium turns into a fully realized business venture. But I prefer Battlefield over CoD.

Hell even the Madden devs care about the quality of the game and they want to improve things. Activision doesn't, there game gets 20 million is sales a year. However, Activision is afraid of Battlefield 3, something big could happen this year.

evrfighter2788d ago

Lol at hhg jumping on the dice bandwagon. I was wondering when he'd start running his mouth about bf3. Especially when u consider he doesn't even own a gaming pc.

Listen up hhg. We all know your stance on pc gaming. When bf3 is brought up its with the pc version in mind. Nobody has seen console footage yet it might be worse then cod on consoles.

If you want to jump on the bf3 bandwagon you need to experience pc gaming. Your just a yes man until that point.

NeutralGamer2787d ago

"Modern Warfare Needs Frostbite 2.0"

Yeah right like Dice would ever license it to them...

Moragami2787d ago

"I need to do better? Hiphop, where have you been? Modern Warfare 2 is the best selling game on next-gen consoles. Why should I have to sweat when I'm already on top?"

Please stop calling PS3 and X360 next-gen. If anything, they are past-gen.

ProjectVulcan2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

Lets not forget what we have seen of battlefield 3- PC footage. It does not mean that frostbite 2 will provide anything like that fidelity on consoles. Lets face it, it will not.

So for fairness sakes look at the PC version of black ops which is not on the same level of the BF3 footage we have seen, but is by no means ugly. It is considerably better on PC than console, black ops is a very low resolution on console.

Lets also not forget that the engine is still essentially designed for 60 frames a second on console, it is a console engine. On the other hand BF3 is a ground up PC engine from the looks of it, and designed for 30 frames a second most target likely, even on PC.

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xstation792788d ago

If its done then why are their 600,000 people playing it right now on xbox live? I heard the same shit just before bad company 2 was released, and now look at it. I know for some reason, the cool thing on n4g is to hate cod, but in the real world, it has millions of fans, and that isn't going to change anytime soon. Get over it

Kleptic2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

yep...ever since COD4...its been:

Halo ODST will out do COD...
Killzone 2 will out do COD...
BFBC2 will out do COD...
MOH will out do COD...
Halo Reach will out do COD...
killzone 3 will out do COD...

and now BF3 will out do COD...

nothing is going to touch COD sales wise...which none of us really even care about...there already are better first person shooters on each platform in the first place...that is on 360, PC, and PS3...but COD remains popular, and sells like hot nuts...

I haven't bought a cod game since cod4...and I am in a definite minority when it comes to shooter fans...but I understand that cod has its hooks in so deep that its going to ride out this generation entirely...other franchises will keep chipping away at it, but it won't be topped until next generation i'd bet...and thats if Activision makes some serious mistakes...that is, bigger than what they already have...which haven't even affected it at all...

crzyjackbauer2788d ago

first of all N4g hates COD because they all play on PS3 LOL

sencond of all they are n00bs at COD

and third of all BF3 just looks like another COD its more like Frosbite 2.0 needs COD

gcolley2788d ago

@crzyjackbauer - looks aren't everything. we are talking about playing games not looking at movies. of course BF3 looks like CoD, it's a military shooter. Even BFBC1 played better than CoD4, unfortunately no one noticed because they all follow the leader. CoD hasn't changed since number 1.

if you played the games you would understand

FunkMcnasty2787d ago

Right on man! I'm glad someone else here caught onto the fact that hating on COD is what you do if you're part of the "in" crowd here at N4G. I say whatever to the haters ;) I'm a COD fan and that doesn't make me any less of a gamer.

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InFAMOUS12788d ago

lol @ HHG calling fourzerotwo a developer lol.. He is PR gold but he is not a developer. He simply works for one

Gamer_Z2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

You know guys I’ve come to a realization that and excuse my language but who gives a flying F*ck about Call of Duty why the hell should we care anymore about whether or not this franchise dies or not, how many sales it has or how many people are buying it and playing it, i mean what’s the point really??? Yes we all know its garbage and that Activision will continue to make millions of dollars off of it but there’s nothing we can do you know. People are going to like different things i for one am not into COD anymore so I’m going to stop buying it simple as that but I’m sure all my other friends are because that’s what they like it’s what they enjoy and what’s so bad about that just let people play what they want. I’m getting BF3 because its different, its new, its fresh and I haven’t really played any BF games and its not going to matter to me if only a handful or if millions of people buy it I don’t give a shit I’m going to get it and I’m most definitely going to enjoy it PC or not. Well anyways I guess what I’m trying to say is buy what you want, play what you want, and enjoy your games.

PS you’re not going to see me bashing this game anymore there’s no point and it’s just a waste of time but if you still feel the need to bash it you go right ahead i wont disagree or agree and sorry for the long rant.

gcolley2788d ago

^^^ what he said.

less sales is actually a good thing once the game is established. the problem now is all the kids moving over to BF series.

RatherHavaBigGirl2787d ago

mw3 will still outsell bbc3. personally i wont buy mw3 unless the camping problem is fixed. Brink looks better to me anyway

Mr_Shuttlezworth2787d ago

Only call of duty sluts will buy MW3... most people cant play FPS without call o dutys stupid aim assist

hiredhelp2787d ago

New engines is always needed. to make use of next gen consoles. we give them money.

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NYC_Gamer2788d ago

i hope a lot of gamers support BF3

Dannehkins2788d ago

I hope so too.

DICE, in my eyes, have really tried to innovate the FPS genre with new experiences. DICE really have struck gold with the destructible environments and frostbite engine.

dalibor2788d ago

Add me to the tally. BOps will be the last COD for me this gaming generation and will be hesitant come the next. Don't believe me? You can check my games that I have by doing a trophy comparison after MW3 comes out. Out of all the COD games I still prefer to play COD4 from time to time. Still a fun game.

Kleptic2788d ago

but cod4 doesn't have trophy support haha?

dalibor2788d ago

That's true Kleptic but you can still have fun playing games without the trophies. Hell I liked playing MGS4, Oblivion, The Darkness, Heavenly Sword to name a few and they don't have trophy support to this day. If you like a game you will enjoy it regardless. Same thing with oldschool games. Trophies are a bonus, some people cannot play games without trophies though. You don't fall into that category do you?

TrevorPhillips2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

Battlefield 3 looks astonishing! cannot wait for the game to come out and also to crap all over MW3 :)

tony67672788d ago

next moh will use frostbite 2.0 too so i think yea cod is done

InTheLab2788d ago

For the single player as well? If they're using UE3 again for half the game I'll pass. Not that I have a problem with UE but it was shocking (in a bad way) to jump into the mp and play a different MoH.

I disagree that CoD will die anytime soon. Most of my friends are all part time gamers and that's the only game they play all day. I got one of them to play KZ3 and he said it was trash because it's not like CoD...

There's too many people out there that are comfortable with CoD's gameplay and don't want change. Hell, I'd still be playing were it not for the bugs, glitches, and the annual rehash-a-thon...

vgcgames2788d ago

all I have to say is I agree.

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