1UP: The Darkness 2 is Not for the Squeamish

The Darkness was a dark, violent game. As mobster hitman Jackie Estacado, you used your titular Darkness powers to blow through legions of goons, rip men's hearts from their chests, and summon goblin-like creatures to do your morally questionable bidding. With the Darkness 2, Dark Sector developer Digital Extremes is taking charge of the franchise to deliver a story that hues a little more closely to the comics than the original, while ramping up the violence significantly.

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hennessey862811d ago

i cant wait for this game

nycredude2810d ago

First one was awesome and was a victim of releasing way too early in the console cycle. I can't wait for this one.

Shane Kim2810d ago

The first game wasn't cel-shaded right? I like the new approach if that's the case.

RyuDrinksTheDew2810d ago

man, the first one was super violent.

going to be awesome seeing how much more violent it can get!

skeletonss2810d ago

when i think abut this game, i think about how in the first one when the mob guy uts the drill under your tounge and pulls the trigger. pretty intense.