Three things PS3 fans should envy about 360

While PS3 users are happy to get the occasional PS1 title repackaged in downloadable format, the 360 doesn't merely get direct ports, but genuinely enhanced versions of classic fan favorites: Doom, Marathon, Prince of Persia, Street Fighter, and now even Rez! And all of these game have upgraded textures and graphics, improved frame rates, a variety of multiplayer options, etc.

Microsoft provides attractive hobbyist oriented XNA dev kits with options for 360 distribution.

The 360 seems to get many third party titles much earlier than the PS3. This includes traditionally PlayStation franchises such as Ace Combat and Katamari, which are rumored to come out for the PS3 after a 360 exclusivity period. Even titles such as GRAW 2, which the devs claim was designed from the very beginning to provide full PS3 support, still come out a solid five months earlier on the 360.

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Young Capwn4738d ago

360 is cake to dev for cause its a simple console.

soon less and less titles will be able to be ported because of the huge diffrences in hardware, soon the PS3 will be out proforming the 360.

HALO3 proved 360 is on a fallback attack.

power of Green 4738d ago

Sure buddy!, Stop picking and choosing what game to use to gage console power to suit your agenda. I chose WarHawk for PS3 to gage PS3 capability(its PS3's most popular and most AAA game so I choose it).

xplosneer4738d ago

They will have to port it because people are buying it......

Pain704738d ago

i sure see some non-"Xbot" gamers knocking H3 for graphics. are you truly serious when you say that? really? i have and play the game and its a fantastic piece of work. just look at the action of the game. lighting of the sun, tracers and lasers flying everywhere, freakin' enemy out the A$$!!! H3 a fallback? i truly think not!!!! just play the game and enjoy the heck out of it. you'll be amazed just how much you like it. just don't tell anyone in the forums...they might start heckling your new enthusiasm. welcome to the family. send me a friends request and we will chat while you play H3 and i play BioShock. OUT...

Mu5afir4738d ago

So what about Takken, GTHD and other such games.. did he ever log onto PSN?

Anego Montoya FTMFW4738d ago

R:FOM or WARHAWK does MORE online than HALO2,HALO3 and GeOW COMBINED.

barom4738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

rofl he only has 3 reasons

i can name 10 times that or more of the top of my head.

just to counter his 3 reasons I can say PSN has Warhawk, Tekken: DR and GTHD. Regarding user generated contents we will have the ability to have mods on UT3 AND LittleBigPlanet which will cover a LOT more ground than XNA which is designed for experienced programmers (or at least know something, you can't just jump in and learn in other words). 3rd party relations? well how about that every 2 weeks we hear a new PS3 exclusive title announced? And those delays we're having won't last forever and we all know it.

FirstknighT4738d ago

How does Resistance and Warhawk do more online? Just because their are more players? What about the vehicles? The maps? The gametypes? Halo crushes both Resistance and Warhawk COMBINED!

Anego Montoya FTMFW4738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

your right. Halo3 DOES have alot of game modes.

HALO2- 16 players
HALO3- 12 players(if you`ve been in a 16 player match let me know)
GeOw - 8 players

R:FOM- 40 players(no lag)
Warhawk- 32 players(no lag)


do the math

R:FOM- does more than all your games COMBINED.

vehicles? don`t get me started. just the WARHAWKs ALONE are more impressive then ALL the HALO vehicles, again, COMBINED(if you`ve never took one out for a spin, you wouldn`t know).

GeoW- No vehicles(4 on 4)
R:FOM- No vehicles(20 on 20)

Warhawk(720p,i`m pretty sure)
Halo3(640p, i`m sure)

edit: disagree? ARE THE NUMBERS WRONG, let me know. LOL.

FirstknighT4738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

Wow you really don't make any sense. So just because you have more players mean you can do more? So a game that has 32 players max with 3 vehicles, 5 maps, and 3 gametypes better than 16 players max with 20 vehicles, 15 maps, and TONS of gametypes??? How do you figure that?

Warhawk: terrible stattracking, choppy to zero voice chat, disconnects, problems joining games.
Halo 3: Zero network problems, Perfect stat tracking, voice chat is always on point, 1 out of 10 games lag.

And looks like the only people complaining about the 640p are the people that don't even own it. Really sad.

Anego Montoya FTMFW4738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

you obviously have NEVER played WARHAWK.

5 maps? 3 vehicles?

-every map can be altered to be a different setup of map(alot different).
-32 warhawks in the sky is INSANE.
-No mode on EARTH is as AMAZING as CTF in WARHAWK.
- MOST of the problems WARHAWK HAD are FIXED.
-Turrent, Missle Lauchers etc.
-Warhawk doesn`t come scratched.

and 6 on 6 w/ 20 vehicals, how does that work. LOL.

"And looks like the only people complaining about the 640p are the people that don't even own it. Really sad"

keep telling yourself that, and it MIGHT come true. LOL.

Antiomo4738d ago

More like most ppl who DONT complain about 640 are xbox fanboys.

Antiomo4738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )


SE7EN4738d ago

Battlefield 2 24 online's all about how it's being served...dedicated server(can't host your own games) or isp server(host your own matches)...i will go with the latter...

Bathyj4738d ago

"And looks like the only people complaining about the 640p are the people that don't even own it. Really sad."

Just like 99% of people that complain about PS3, dont have one. And you're right it is really say.

Sorry to get into this console war crap on this good natured article that has a few good points, but I can let hypocrisy like that slide.

Face it, if it was a flagship title for PS3 like Killzone 2 that tried to sneak a low res game under the radar would you bots let it go? I doubt it, you'se still crap on about 120fps and 4D for christsakes and they're always taken out of context too.

PS. Just finished the Tank Mission on Halo 3 and I am McLuvin.

MADGameR4738d ago

Halo 1 was the greatest in the Halo series for me. Halo 1 and Halo 2 for X Box vs the PS2. X Box 30M vs PS2 190M! Envy the 360? suuuuuure.

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Sevir044738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

i'd say something but i wont. i'll leave this to the noobs that will argue.

Edit: i just noticed that i had just gained my sixth bubble yesterday and today i lost it and i'm back to five... wow. considering that i dont play the fankid roll. oh well fankids must not like me lol!! peace

Real Gambler4738d ago

Again, and again, sadly, "News 4 Gamers" is more and more becoming "Opinions 4 Gamers". This article is simply one guy opinion about what we should envy about the 360... I don't think we need to come to "NEWS 4 GAMERS" to be told what we should envy from another console... Where's the NEWS in that article. Do they think that we cannot read the news about the other consoles and make our own mind... It's even worst, the way this opinion is written, they almost imply that we cannot afford another console and so, we must envy it... Trust us N4G, if we ever envy another console, we just buy it. We don't need anybody's opinion to help us decide if we buy it or not.

We come here for NEWS, not opinions. Either N4G is changing the way news are selected, or they have to change their name to: "Opinions 4 Gamers" pretty soon.

Salvadore4738d ago

I dont remember you people calling the 360 article " Halo 3 killed 360" a flame article. But as Servior4 said, leave it to the fanboys.

Bloodmask4738d ago

That is what Sony fanboys do. They sit in the reports section all day censoring any news if it has any negative connotation towards the PS3.

They try and make it seem like they are doing something noble. Like trying to stop a flame war. But it is pretty ignorant bc flamewars are what drive this site. With flaming type articles usually getting the most hits and also generating a lot of heat such as this one.

Isn't it kind of stupid to complain about something day in and day out "fanboyism". When it is the very thing that keeps N4G running.

Deny it all you want but it is so true.

Real Gambler4738d ago

So if you think this is NEWS, please tell me what is this NEWS all about because I'm not getting it... This is NEWS 4 GAMERS!!! Is it a new game release date? Is it some new hardware available for the PS3? Is it another PS3 color available? This some big guys from Sony move to Sega? Is the PS3 price being cut in half? Those are the type of news I would expect from "NEWS 4 GAMERS".

Instead, you think an opinion from NOBODY (this opinion is not even signed!!!!) is newsworthy... Wow, I come here to read NEWS about the PS3, and I'm told by nobody that I should envy another console... Hey, I could afford the other console, so if I ever, ever, ever envy it, I'll just buy it. I don't need to be told that I should envy it!

If I want to get anybody's opinions, I'll go to "OPINIONS 4 GAMERS FROM NOBODY.COM"

Again, please, where's the news in that article?

VendettaWFT4738d ago

THANK YOU! I couldn't have said it better myself. There is nothing news worthy about this. Bloodmask just posted this to piss people off and that is total bullsh!t. Nobody cares about this story, nobody is reading this and saying 'oh jeez, he's right...i'm selling my ps3'. Believe people know what they want and what they don't want, we don't need ANOTHER useless guys opinion on the subject matter.

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Bloodmask4738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

that the 360 is leader in online content. New games are released every week. And it is really nice to play a lot of retro games with HD graphics. The biggest thing though is that online coop is usually included.

XNA is also great for starting out developers that don't have a huge buget. Overall Microsoft has done a great job making the 360 developer friendly to everyone.

Which leads to the third point of the article. Games frequently being delayed for the PS3. I attribute this to the poor architecture of the PS3. Which has been cited as a problem for many developers.

This is what usually leads to delays of sometimes over 6 months. Like GRAW2 and RS: Vegas. Not to mention a lot PS3 multiplatform games usually suffer from some sort of frame rate issues.

gunnerforlife4738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

wats up with the flame news lately who are the pr1cks that keep approving them.

anyways i could write more then three things that 360 fans should envy about the ps3.

edit: ill just name 3 games nothing else:D



killzone 2

i dont even know why i replied to ur posts really.

power of Green 4738d ago

You couldn't post a list I would give a SH*T about.

No need to list what I care about or what you think I should care about.

sak5004738d ago

You can't even give on valid reason for ps3 over 360 let alone 3 things. Go back to waiting and watching dust gather on your turdstation3