Dead Island Preview | GoozerNation at GDC 2011

Recently, developer DeepSilver released their cinematic trailer of Dead Island. Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube were abuzz. At GDC yesterday, DeepSilver revealed the game to the press. The first thing they showed us was the trailer, and then a short presentation explaining some of the game mechanics, the release platforms, and a tentative release date.

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bustercube2786d ago

How awesome is this game!

puffkix2786d ago

No local co-op? :(
Pretty sweet looking though.

DuneBuggy2786d ago

Seems like its borrowing elements from games like Dead Rising,Borderlands,L4D and others. Thats fine by me though.I'm looking forward to seeing more about this game.
I do wish it had onscreen co-op myself.

JimmyJames702786d ago

That's exactly how people at GDC are describing it.