Belgian magazine awards Super Mario Galaxy 92%

Super Mario Galaxy isn't released in Japan for another month, but a Belgian gaming magazine has published a review of the much-anticipated platformer - an analysis that many gamers are looking on with suspect eyes.

The publication, Gunk, awards Super Mario Galaxy a score of 92%, but given that it is still generally too early to expect any journalists (let alone Europeans, who receive the title later than in North America and Japan) to be sent review copies of the game, Nintendic is also not sure it is a critical write-up of the genuine article.

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BlackCountryBob4036d ago

How did a article about a rating given to a game by reviewers who have never played it get approved?

If this is the standard now I think I am gonna post an article giving Resident Evil 5 100% (but just to get a fanboy flame war going I am gonna say that on the other format it only gets a 95%), I have never played it but apparently it is news now that I am willing to write about it.

Not news, pure spam, reported!

neogeo4036d ago

This game could get a 0% rating and it will still sell like egg Mc muffens when breakfast is almost over at Mc. Donald's

"damn it! I'is only 10:31am and your saying your serving lunch already!? gimmy my Mc muffen now!!!"

zerolinkgannon4036d ago

Can't wait for their review of SSBB tomorrow if lucky. -lmoa- but seriously I bet they based a review off of a E3 demo or something.

cooke154036d ago

Uh oh, they gave Halo 3 91% :o

Rooftrellen4036d ago

The only problem was that it wasn't a launch title?

I guess they couldn't name any real negatives if they didn't actually play it, so they used that as an excuss to give is a high enough rating so that no one would complain later, but not so high that it's perfect in case there really are some problems.

It's amazing, really, that they would do this, and worse still that people buy it even when its so well know that they're famous for not playing games!

Silly people.