Homefront Multiplayer Hands-On - Game Revolution

Call of Battlefield: Post Modern Warfare. I played about an hour and a half of solid, dedicated multiplayer last night and Homefront manages to deftly toe the line between the two biggest FPS franchises.

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Sev2883d ago

This game is absolutely stunning. Love it.

2fk2883d ago

Cool game can't wait to play

SpitFireAce852882d ago

Game looks great..BTW anyone know why the game got
delayed from March 8th to the 15th?

dbjj120882882d ago

Most likely to leave more room for the marketing push which has been huge all week at GDC.

Koolaye2883d ago

I'm definitely looking forward to trying this out.

Volpone2882d ago

Looking forward to it. I also hear that the single player is surprisingly brutal. I'm intrigued.

Honest_gamer2882d ago

Cant wait for this game look amazing

ASSASSYN 36o2882d ago

Does anyone know if you lose your battle points every game?

SpitFireAce852882d ago

I believe so since it would not be fair to
new players older players that have been playing
for a while would have millions in Battle Points
and they could just roll around in tanks and

dbjj120882882d ago

Battle points do NOT carry over to your next game. That would break the entire thing so hard.

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The story is too old to be commented.