An Hour Back: A Vagrant Story Reunion

Steve Haske writes, "This week, Square-Enix finally released Vagrant Story on PSN’s North American store. Depending on your level of fandom, you may or may not be acquainted with this one. Released for the PS One during the Summer of 2000—a time which saw the company release one game a month from May to September—Vagrant Story was one of Square’s quieter entries of the season, a somewhat undersold dungeon crawler that, as a product of development during the Playstation’s twilight years, nevertheless looked stunning. A single Summer that included two games as good as Chrono Cross and Parasite Eve II would have been enough for most companies, but when I dove headfirst into Vagrant Story, I had no idea what I was getting into; all I really knew was that the Official Playstation Magazine (now PTOM) had given it a 3.5 out of five and that it was the next project from Square’s powerhouse team lead my Yasumi Matsuno."

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Keith Olbermann2880d ago

One of my favorite Square games ever. I downloaded and have been playing it since release on NA psn. I still love this game.