Buying a new Xbox 360 Console is tricky right now

It appears that the new "Falcon" series of the Xbox 360 have hit store shelves.If this new Xbox 360s will run more stable and have less failures is not clear yet.

The Xbox 360 consoles with the 65nm CPU technology are apparently not marked as new on the outside, which is really an issue for consumers.
The chances are good that these new Xbox 360 consoles will run more stable and they apparently save 30% of energy. Like with the HDMI feature Microsoft should openly mark the new generation of Xbox 360 boxes to be clearly identifiable by customers.

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Young Capwn4040d ago

Do they still have that Huge powerbrick?
can they Read HD-dvds now w/o the add-on?
I bet they can read blu-rays.

I guess what really stands out is the fact that they said it may have "Less" failures.

TheMART4040d ago

Powerbrick, ain't that the thing that is behind the TV and no one sees?

Powerbrick, ain't that the thing you don't see (read above) and now releases its heat right into the air instead of inside the console?

That ain't bad. That is good.

Reading films from disc is so last gen. Discs can scratch. The 360 has Video Marketplace with HD content and even HD movies. One can stream HD footage from a PC, or can hook up a USB 2.0 HDD that can play any HD footage. Much cheaper, much better.

Does the PS3 still get sold as a cheap BetaBluRay player that can do some games on top?

BTW, the 90nm or 65nm isn't really an issue. Three years warranty covers possible problems. And I bet MS will integrate 65nm at their latest in 2008 with repairs on 90nm machines also if they get send in for repairs.

Young Capwn4040d ago (Edited 4040d ago )

Must not be that much of an advantage seeing the failure rate of the 360, it still gets hott as hell in that thing, ill play for maby a hour, feel the back and its like it runs on steam power with hot coal, are there 2 power sources? imagine how many more owuld blow up if the powerbrick was inside!

My PS3 only overheated once this summer and it was when i had friends over and we were up all night on it. Betabluray? no such thing, i can play any blu-ray movie i want with no issues i dont have to buy a 200 dollar addon.

And most likly i also wont have to swawp discs half way through a movie or a game like you will.

And my games dont come in at 640P because they couldnt fit the game on the disc unless they lowerd the resolution.

as a matter of fact, im browsing this site on my PS3 lol

Mr PS34040d ago (Edited 4040d ago )

That Powerbrick, ain't that the thing that is behind the TV and no one sees?

Yeah but you know its there and that sucks just like the rrod and you !!Now go and p1ss your self

Edit @justcallmedaddy
I really wanna ask you about somthing you wrote
You Wrote"(friends came to my house and slept over), and it wasn't half hot by the end of the night. I'm serious,"
Right listen what ever you and your [email protected] mate's get upto at the weekend i don't wanna know I mean your sick in the head telling us about you and your mate's having a sleep over pyjama party and it gettin all hot and stuff!!! Hey just keep that sh1t to yourself man and stick to comments on games and the crapbox and stuff like that and not your gay gang bang at the weekend ok there BUTTMONKEY

JustCallMeDaddy4040d ago

WTF are u talking about, i got the new 360 with the new heat sink and it doesn't get hot. With halo 3, i left my 360 on for the longest time(friends came to my house and slept over), and it wasn't hot by the end of the night. I'm serious, it does not get hot at all, just a little warm.

tethered4040d ago

@ Xbox my Ass

I might have been the first with the whole Pi$$ on Mart thing.

dantesparda4040d ago (Edited 4040d ago )

Can you please rewrite that sh!t in English please? cuz really i could not understand what-the-fvck you was trying to say, cuz that sh!t was so badly written. What is with you; Power of Green and Bladestar, all writing so badly, that it makes it hard to understand what you's are saying. And also it makes you's look dumb, like y'all can spell and write, like if you's were illiterate or something. So how bout a little less video-gaming and a little bit more learning how to write and spell better?

Also to the guy who said his 360 only gets warm, there's about another 10 million of us who can tell you otherwise. The sh!t gets hot! real fvcking hot! sh!t heats up my room!

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Bloodmask4040d ago

model is on the streets now. RROD will be a thing of the past.

I don't see why Microsoft would anounce a hardware revision bc no other company ever has. Plus bringing attention to the fact the hardware was having any type of problems would not be good for sales.

I don't think most casual purchasers are even aware that the hardware had any issues at all. I think it is just publicised a lot on the internet. Not saying there wasn't any kind of problem. It just seems like the internet is rampant to this kind of news.

Overall though even RROD type articles have started to fade lately.

GrumpyOla4040d ago (Edited 4040d ago )

some submitted reviews by people who bought the premium with hdmi and the halo3 edition at amazon state that some had rrod straight after they bought them (out of the box).

dantesparda4040d ago (Edited 4040d ago )

"It is nice that the Falcon
model is on the streets now. RROD will be a thing of the past."

Damn, you're one delusional fanboy, look at you fantasizing, and spewing your hopes and wishes here. While i have no doubt that die shrink will help with the overheating problems, i will not say with any kind of certainty, that this will definitely fix/eliminate the issue. I would rather wait and see and hope that it does, rather than state with any kind of certainty that it will. However, i do like the idea of it producing less and heat and wasting less electricity.

However, be warned, since it seems like you may not know much about this, but you better hope that the IBM micron process is matured, otherwise you can start seeing problems arise from the die shrink, as has happened over on the PC side of things. Usually when a transition to a new die shrink size is performed on the PC-side of things, they usually reserve it for the lower end parts and tend to keep their higher performance parts still on the bigger dies, and then gradually phase them to the smaller dies as the process matures. I wish they had pushed for 45nm instead though, but im asking for too much there.

And p.s. Bloodmask, you seem like a really big fanboy, straight up fvcking cheerleader, how old are you?

Kenshin_BATT0USAI4039d ago

in that case I believe that console was just defective.

If I hear like an RROD after two to three weeks of the xbox being used then I will consider it RROD.

Bloodmask4040d ago

Wasting your time posting TheMART's stats on N4G just proves you are immature.


kingboy4040d ago

yup! his getting exposed now..seriously his an adult and yet acts this childish ,what more would u expect from kids...

XxZxX4040d ago

bloodmask very close to themart. They should kiss each other butt cheek

TheMART4039d ago

Hey Mario aka Sherlock Holmes... I live in 360 city also. You see all facts!

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Sayai jin4040d ago

Not to hard to differ from the new ones. Just look on the box and if i has HDMI then its most likely the new one. I have an original 360 since launch with no issues and brought nother one for the my bed room (my gaming room is 3 floors down) and have never had problem with either consoles, even though they are loud..LOL My first PS3 was purchased in April and in early May the unit overheated and the power supply blew. Went without it for about 7 1/2 weeks. I guess I was a lucky one with the 360 and had bad luck with the PS3.

jackdoe4040d ago

Some of the 360s with HDMI are merely the falconless Elites with 20 gb harddrives.

Sayai jin4040d ago

Hmmmm. I got my info straight from the horses mouth, MS. I brought another 360 for my bed room and when I got it the box was crushed nd te 360 damaged, suprising the damn thing still worked, but I still sent it back to MS. I finally received a new one and when i opened it this one was diffrent, it had a HDMI port. So before I could even inquire about it, I received an e-mail from MS cusomer/Tech service dep. and tey told me that they had mde mistake in the console they shipped me. SO I called tem and the tech was pretty was cool and knowledgeble and he told me ow mine was diffrent and how to spot the new ones.

HeavyweightInTheGame4040d ago

Doesn't matter though. MS will replace it for free and I'll get it back in a few weeks. The only hassle is that I have to play PS2 again instead of playing 360 for a few weeks. (Got only one game for PS3). As soon as the repaired one comes to my house, I'd probably sell it for the Falcon. Things break. Unfortunately they break a bit more for 360's. I still love 360 though.

Sayai jin4040d ago

Aaah, I know your frustration. My 360 that was part of the original ones at launch has not let me down, but 3 to 4 weeks after getting my PS3 the damn thing went fire started on me (no the powersupply blew). I sent it back and finally got another one. No problem though I was too busy playing Gears of War, but now that it is back I am rotating between Gears, Halo 3, and Bioshock....I mix in a little bit of Warhawk, although a great game it does not have the feel I thougt it would, but I am anxiously awaiting Clank and R. Haze, etc. Woooooooo, its a great time to be a gamer.

HeavyweightInTheGame4040d ago

Is that I can finally buy Warhawk and try that out. I haven't had a chance to play it cause of all the great 360 games. I myself was swapping between Gears, Halo and Bioshock and haven't had a chance to play Warhawk even though I wanted to. I'll grab it tomorrow :) Heard its great fun.

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