D+PAD Magazine: Test Drive Unlimited 2 - Reviewed

D+PAD Magazine Writes:

The bid to launch the first truly successful MMO on console continues. What with Square Enix currently overseeing huge changes to Final Fantasy XIV for its PS3 debut after a frankly disappointing PC release, we’re beginning to see the likes of DC Universe Online hit our home consoles in hope that the console market will reap the same monthly-subscription benefits that so far is driven by PC. Whether it to do with a more restrictive online environment, or the fact that console owners remain hesitant about forking out a monthly subscription on top of Live etc., we’re only now seeing developers test the MMO-console boundaries. Strictly speaking, Test Drive Unlimited 2 is not a fully fledged MMO but rather shares a lot of the traits that we would come to expect. In fact, Eden Games devised their own acronym to place this follow-up to the under-appreciated but accomplished 2006 arcade racer, the ‘M.O.O.R’ (or Massively Open Online Racer, if you will).

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