Defending Skyward Sword, Round 1: Puzzles

It may (or may not) be hard to believe, but the latest trailer for Skyward Sword has already gotten mixed reactions from a local fanbase near you. Many complain that the game will be too puzzle-heavy and that Motion Plus turns essentially every enemy into yet another riddle to solve. Zelda Informer addresses these concerns.

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Si-Fly2785d ago

Only thing that's disappointed me so far is the graphic style, I was hoping for something closer to Windwaker.

ramza042785d ago

Well its cartoony like windwaker. I was actually hoping on a more darker style.

Blad3star2785d ago

I swear to god Nintendo if you [email protected]#k up this game you will never see my money again.

Kamikaze1352785d ago

The graphics look great to me. It looks like it's meeting Windwaker and something more realistic halfway. Gameplay looks nice, and the enemies (except for the human one who disappeared) look great. My ONLY problems is that the areas looks very....bland. I don't mean a lack of texture or anything relating to the visual representation. They just seem boring.

Redempteur2785d ago

i loved that trailers.. it showed a great use of motion plus .. something people were expecting BEFORE the release of twilight princess.

The complainers are obviously not zelda fans