PS3GamerGroup: Killzone 3 Review

At the conclusion of Killzone 2, we found ourselves stranded on the Helghan home-world, with only a few ISA troopers against an entire planet's worth of fight-to-the-death Helghast. As the battle on Helghast heats up, so does the in-fighting of which top dog should be in command of the Helghast empire, making for an interesting fight for survival of all parties involved.

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Pixelated_Army2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

Great review *two thumbs up*

lordkemp0072786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

CAUTION DO NOT READ redsquad's post as the naughty fellow inadvertently gives away a very important plot detail.

CaptainGreece2786d ago

My favorite game this gen. LOVE YOU GG.

redsquad2786d ago

If Stahl is dead (not really a spoiler, because we don't know) I'll be mightily peeved - Great character, and Malcolm McDowell rocked. His final word in the game seemed so appropriate...

And look, a great review! Expect to see it buried very soon.

Mr Tretton2786d ago

I think it'll be really stupid if he is alive, considering...

Count on it though, he's the new Visari.