Reported UK launch 3DS stock numbers – 185,000 units

3DS Tribe: "We’ve recently heard that there will be around 185,000 units for the UK 3DS launch. The news comes from, where have reported the information from said article. Good news then?

Not quite – we’ll settle on “yes and no”."

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Kran2838d ago

Does nintendo expect it not to sell well in the UK then? I would have thought those numbers would be at least 400,000.

Japan got 400,000 and it's nearly sold out there. I think Nintendo need to rethink their numbers a bit.

Shackdaddy8362838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

Population Japan: 127,560,000
Population UK: 61,838,154

Ratio popUK/popJapan: 0.4847

(Ratio) x (#of units in Japan): 193,911 units

Diff: about 9000 units

Take into account how much bigger Nintendi is in Japan compared to anywhere else and I would say its a pretty good estimate...

Kran2838d ago

that doesnt explain why Japan only got 400,000 units.

ozstar2838d ago

wut? Japan got 400k in their FIRST SHIPMENT

The second shipment went out within 24hrs of the first, about another 400k estimated.

Id assume the first UK shipment is primarily for preorders, but then you also need to realise Europe needs a few, aswell as Australia and NZ.

Shackdaddy8362838d ago

Ya it does. The amount that is shipped is proportional to the population and demand of the country.