NGP “dead on arrival” claims developer, as Nintendo CEO cautions against rise of smartphone gaming

Strong words and arguments over the Sony NGP, Nintendo 3DS and the rise of smartphone gaming these past few days, amid disagreements over the direction in which the games industry is moving. Nintendo president Satoru Iwata led the charge, taking to the GDC 2011 stage and decrying smartphone games as not only lower quality but threatening “the high value of software.” Meanwhile, Sony has said that the NGP is “not going to run at 2 GHz because the battery would last five minutes… and it would probably set fire to your pants” but that it sits “halfway” between the original PSP and the PS3, a chase for speed and hardware that some game developers predict will see it “dead on arrival.”

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Joni-Ice2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

Dead on arrival? Not by me, purchased on arrival.

NukaCola2788d ago

Yeah. I am getting this day one as well. The 3DS on the other hand is waiting until there is a dry month in the summer and a real game launches with it(Other than SF4 which is a Capcom game that I have no interst in.) I mean the Zelda port was even pushed back...WTF?

captain-obvious2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

i personally think that PSP2 is going to do just fine
its just ppl well always talk shit

HolyOrangeCows2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

DOA for being "halfway between the original PSP and the PS3"?
Ridiculous. Lots of people will be ecstatic to have a handheld around the power of the PS2.

This is only the millionth time this has been posted.

crzyjackbauer2788d ago

well if its hackable people are going to buy it
the PSP is on life support thanks to Hackers

but seriously the thing about the psp is that it had Haflass ports from PS2, the NPG is going to get Halfass ports from PS3 they already shown uncharted, killzone was confirmed
your just going to pay for a part of a game you already have i rather game on home console and get the full experience

-Mezzo-2788d ago

HUH, i try to stop all the Fanboys from all the stupid comments like these & then developers come out and give judgment on a product that is about a year away from release.


Christopher2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

Note, the "developer" saying it makes all his money in cellphone game development. Extremely biased perspective. It's like asking Nintendo how NGP will stand up to the NDS.

blackburn52788d ago

If that is the case, then why did you guys make a new DS? If smart phone gaming is so popular and the NGP is pointless then the same should apply to the 3DS. Then why did you bother? Why not make Nintendo smart phone with 3D tech? What a lame attempt at dissing the NGP. First day for me.

Stealth20k2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

wow so they rehashed an quote from a MOBILE PHONE developer what else would he of said? No other real developer has said this. In fact they have said the opposite. I guess it isnt cool now to quote sega saying smartphones wont do anythign to sales of dedicated devices.

Again you need to take quotes in context. When it comes from someone with complete bias, it means nothing. Less than nothing

And the 3ds just had the best launch out of any portable ever in japan. No reason to expect differently here.

This article is another bad one. Because it doesnt even have quotes that give the full picture. He uses the ones to make a false argument. A really terrible article if you can even call it that

pneboy2788d ago

buttons or touch screen i know what id rather have (wait ngp has both)

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