Epic Games President Hints at Gears of War Franchise to Stay an Xbox Exclusive

In an interview published today, President of Epic Games Mike Capps was asked several questions about the future of the Gears of War franchise. Most importantly, Capps shed some light on the franchise’s exclusivity to Microsoft.

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NukaCola2838d ago

"Epic Games President Hints at Gears of War Franchise to Stay an Xbox Exclusive"

LoL at the title. It's a rumor to smash a rumor. RUMOR SMASH!!!!!! An Xbox exclusive is hinted at staying exclusive? The title is full of 'lol'.

captain-obvious2838d ago

cant see why PS3 fanboys want this
when they got uncharted

Masterchef20072838d ago

More games the better thats why

tmoss7262838d ago

Because in no PS3 game can you chainsaw people with a gun.

metsgaming2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

once again just because they are tps and use cover doesnt make them similar. They are EXTREMELY different and have nothing alike other than the 3rd person view and the use of cover.

Active Reload2838d ago

Uncharted and Gears are two different animals. One is kind of slick and the other is kind of ferocious...

SasanovaS19872838d ago

ps3 fans want gears so they can laugh at xbox fanboys for only having 1 game left in their library

Pixelated_Army2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

The xbox is bleeding exclusives so quickly that the heads of companies have to take time out of their busy scheduals to confront rumors. lol


“Time and time again, when it came down to figure out what we do next with Gears, we sat down with Microsoft and they’ve given us really good, compelling reasons to work with them again,”

$$$$ whore that ass of yours Epic(even the name of the company is lame. damn.)

shooterexpert2838d ago

uncharted lol

Most people would take gears any day.

Uncharted is a favorite of reviewers, Gears is a favorite of the people.

sh0ryuu2838d ago

Really? I hear more praise from "the people" for Uncharted than I do Gears.

Chubear2838d ago

Just out of curiosity, why "hint"? Why not just balls out say "nah nah nah, Gears iz 4 teh xbox 4life yo!"

..not quite sure if I got the lingo down but you understand what.. I be sayin' lol... sorry :(

ivant2838d ago


Gears and Uncharted are totally different games. Just because they have a cover system, don't make them the same.

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TreMillz2838d ago

Gears stays exclusive.....well isnt that just dandy....*facepalm* and if it does its not hurting sony

pain777pas2838d ago

Seriously if you played Gears 1 that is enough Gears for you. Trust me it was overated when it came out and nothing has changed. Played Gears 2 at a friends and played co-op which is pretty cool. Cole train is the reason to play single player but he is not always in every scene so you have to deal with the boring Marcus Fenix and Dom. The running is cool though I just love that and of course the chainsaw. Other than that I dont remember the plot just that the graphics were good. Utterly forgettable save for the graphics when the first game was released in 06 and honestly some tight shooting mechanics that work well for a game like ME without a jump button. ME2 is a better game in everyway save multiplayer. ME2s gameplay and story have rendered Gears obsolete.

plb2838d ago

In other news the sky is blue and the grass is green.

ASSASSYN 36o2838d ago

Whoa! Hold up! Has any of that ever been proven!


Balt 2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

I could care less. Generic soldiers wearing "nano" armor, and carrying big guns can be found many places -- But most predominantly in Cliffy B's wet dreams.

Graey2838d ago

You know I never understood..why these guys wear all that armor, but have no helmet...just makes no sense. I hate the first Gears, but the second I liked.

I got it on the cheap so I can't complain. But...the lowest score I'd give Gears 2 is a 8.5 and highest 9...maybe 9.2 Def not a 10 game. Then again a lot of games are getting that 10 spot without actually doing anything that warrants it.

But seriously though, if your going to wear that heavy armor...put on a helmet, otherwise just makes the whole concept stupid.

guigsy2838d ago

If you played Gears 2 you would know why some Gears wear helmets and some don't.

Graey2838d ago

@ Guigsy

Actually even though I played at finished it I don't recall. Then again I wasn't paying much attention. Do I really need that kind of comment. You know you could have just explained to me why they do and I would have been better for it.

But thanks for the comment just the same...

Raven_Nomad2838d ago

Well duh! Microsoft has that tiger blood and will pay whatever it takes to keep Gears on the box.

Now the PS3 fanboys can go back to hating, unlike the other thread where they were all like "Oh I'd get Gears day one if it came to PS3".

I mean if Microsoft spent Five Hundred Million on Kinect advertising, they would have no issue spending millions on keeping their second biggest franchise exclusive.

Silly gameAr2838d ago

I'm glad the article could soothe your troubled mind.

Raven_Nomad2838d ago

Doesn't mean jack to me, I own all the consoles, no exclusives for me, though I prefer playing the 360.

I just know Microsoft isn't stupid, they aren't going to let go of their second biggest franchise.

8thnightvolley2838d ago

true that, seconding gear3 is getting such a high amount of input from ms with the dedicated sever farms they have set up across the world... ofcourse its staying exclusive.. ms aint having sony's hands on this pie.

HungryGoku2838d ago

Vanquish better anyways lol @ Gears.

hellzsupernova2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

im a sony guy i have to say the other article was terrible all the fanboys turning around saying oh that would be awesome gears is awesome etc was just sad.

I prefer halo as a shooter on the 360 spent many hours online on that it was great fun, i bought gears and it wasnt for me.

agree from me good sir

Honest_gamer2838d ago

I always thought Microsoft owned the rights to the 1st 3 games so this was a no brainer?

8thnightvolley2838d ago

it was the first 2 acutally.. the 3rd, MS gave the franchise a tramp stamp.. this is my b****

cereal_killa2838d ago

Epic owns the rights to the Gears franchise they have stated this several times M$ only publishes the games.

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