Sony to take PS3 on tour

Sony is sending its next-generation console on a UK tour to show off its worth as an interactive entertainment hub.

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Vip3r4036d ago (Edited 4036d ago )

If they come up to Glasgow I'll probably go to see it.

Vip3r4036d ago (Edited 4036d ago )

Wow what an insult. I'll know better than to voice my opinion here again.


Mr PS34036d ago

I alread know what a state of the art next gen console it is!! Thank Fvck for the PS3 imagine what it would be like if we only had the 360!!Now how much would that suck
@ Viper no need to ask questions go buy one and they will all be answerd you tight fisted ginger jock

Vip3r4036d ago

"Viper no need to ask questions go buy one and they will all be answerd you tight fisted ginger jock"

First up I'm not a ginger, nor am I tight fisted and I've had my PS3 since launch you gimp.

Mr PS34036d ago

"If they come up to Glasgow I'll probably go to see it"
If you claim to already own one?
Would you have already seen it in action for yourself ! And what with the PS3 not being available in the home of the worst footballing nation in the world today that is scotland for at least ten years(you see scotland is at least 20 years behind our great footballing nation ENGLAND)I doubt very much that sony will waste there time coming to show off a state of the art machine the PS3 to a bunch of Dumb, ignorant, Dole dossin, ginger, tightfisted sweaty socks

Synex4036d ago

Why are you two argueing?

socomnick4036d ago

Sony seems to be getting desperate .

fury4036d ago, rather confident.

Premonition4036d ago

Are you like in pre-k or something, cause im starting to think you are. Tell me how in the world is advertising or promoting your console desperate? or are you scared this might increase PS3 sales overseas?

VendettaWFT4036d ago (Edited 4036d ago )

Do you people honestly believe he thinks that "its an act of desperation" he doesn't. He writes stuff like that to get a rise out you guys. When a company shows off its product, its obviously not an act of desperation and anyone with a brain cell could tell you that. He writes these things to evoke an emotion out of people. This is a perfect exampe of why this site has an ignore function.

gerrard4036d ago (Edited 4036d ago )

Oh and M$ was'nt eh? so what were they doing outside a gaming shop in France at PS3 launch day with a banner 'Xbox loves you' then? At least Sonys showcasing the PS3 where everyone can see it without gate crashing Halo 3 on it launch day. (it's called advertising by the way, everyone does it or are they desparate too)

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DeZimatoR4036d ago

Man how is showing off the console to the consumers acting desperate?

Seriously, you ppl never ceaze to amaze me...

nasim4036d ago

In UK ps3 beats x360 by considerable units

In rest of EU ps3 beats x360 10:1

in JAPAN ps3 beats x360 10 :1

which is a failed console now. and who is desperate

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