Modern Warfare 3 Can't Possibly Live Up To Activision's Hype

It is rare to see an entry into a AAA series that somehow fails to deliver throughout its existence. Most developers simply know that every new entry needs to raise the bar lest the competition steal the show. However, Modern Warfare is a title that is steeped in combat in every single aspect, from the online combat to the slow disintegration of Infinity Ward, the future of that particular franchise has always been in question. Taking into consideration Activision's history with the franchise, and how hard they've tried to prove that they can continue to make millions without Vince Zampella, Jason West, and even Grant Collier, for that matter. It's easy to assume that they'll be pouring every single resource into trying to make this title game of the year. I just don't see how that's really possible.

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tweex2839d ago

I know that this isn't necessarily the popular opinion, but I don't expect it to be any different from Black Ops, which wasn't that different from MW2, which wasn't that different from MW1. If you don't like the game now, most likely, you're not gonna give a shit about this one.

Hardedge2839d ago

I hear ya, I thought that MW was the bomb, then MW2 came out and I never got into it, same with Black Ops and probably any future MW title. They've all pretty much been the same.

limewax2839d ago

Im worried that this new engine theyre building too might not be enough, I mean good on them for doing it at least, But they couldn't even fix IW's engine

Gamer_Z2839d ago


What new engine?

limewax2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

read an article earlier where they basically hinted they are working on a new engine

Well sort of anyway, a redo of the current engine basically, hence I dont think they can make one thats particularly spectacular

AwakenTheTaco2839d ago

they said that its a waste of time to make a new engine. so i have a feeling its going to be the same old modded quake 3 engine with some new....polishes i guess...

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JDouglasGU2839d ago

well it's all bobby kotick has now, so i would for their sake it's decent. hilarious how hallow activision has become.

Hardedge2839d ago

Hopefully, IW can step its game up. I guess with the help of Sledgehammer and Raven, it should at least be decent.

Hardedge2839d ago

In all honesty I still think Call of Duty 2 was and still is the best in the series.

femshep2839d ago

thank you finally someone with common sense =D

RedDead2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

Cod 4 for me, then 2. I think I am the only one on this site who liked Cod 3, even with all it's was..decent.

I still remember being wowed by the demo for the first time though. Cod2 was brillant.

limewax2839d ago

Actually CoD3 was the first I owned. Rented CoD2 and loved it. But being one of the only games I had at the time and actually pretty fun, I spent a LOT of time in the online

Gamer_Z2839d ago

COD4 for me I loved that game I must have played it for at least two years before getting tired of the MP but man those were the days I think that’s when COD was in its prime now it’s really starting to show its age.

theonlylolking2839d ago

For me it is either COD4 or MW2. I know many of you will disagree with me but COD2 did not have enough things for me to do as MW2 and COD4. COD2 is good but not enough features, not as good gameplay, not as good graphics, and IMO addictive gameplay.

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DelbertGrady2839d ago

They will do what they always do - spend 80% of the budget on slickly produced trailers with countdowns and huge ad banners on Gametrailers that will be impossible to ignore.

femshep2839d ago

meh call of duty is too poorly developed to receive any type of respect.....and with all the AAA game titles this year around holiday this year call of duty weather it be MW3 (doubtful) or what ever it is wont get the sales that it would with it being the only semi decent game like previous years tho it will obviously still get good sales cause the children and preteens of today dont know what a good game is if it hit them in the face

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