Will you ever give up on the games console?

The Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony-dominated ecosystem of the video games industry could fall in future - and be superseded by free-to-play business models.

That was the suggestion from EA Easy boss Ben Cousins at GDC today, whose studio has created both Battlefield Heroes and upcoming browser-based FPS Battlefield Play4Free.

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IRetrouk2790d ago

no never, my best gaming experiances have come from consoles, also play pc but its just not the same as a dedicated system.

SuperStrokey11232790d ago

Of course i would, i would be fine with a service like online if it worked as they advertise and claim or if i could get the same games i want on my computer.

Im not biased towards a box but to the quality of games.

marioPSUC2790d ago

I play a lot games on PC, but the only thing is my friends dont really understand how to build gaming PC's, so they all own consoles, that and the fact that there are some really good games that arent on the PC that are on Consoles.

But I like playing with my friends, they wont stop playing on consoles so I wont either

Saryk2790d ago

I will never go back to a console, it is not for me. But I have gotten my friends into PC gaming. To each his own.............

karl2790d ago

im saying this...

i would never give up my console because it gives me a reason to take my ass off my computer chair...

Raven_Nomad2790d ago

I hate P.C. gaming, it's a dead zone. I love my XBL and the party chat system. I will never P.C. game, hate keyboards and hate the mouse, hate sitting in a stupid chair, would much rather kick back in my recliner and play some console games!

Pretty sure P.C. gaming went out years and years ago.

--------2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

It's just not for me. I refuse to sit at a desk with both arms rested in a rigid state with a huge monitor inches away from my face when I game - that's not relaxing at all in my personal opinion. I'd rather kick it on a comfy leather sofa and game on a 50" flatscreen TV.

To each his own, though. I mean that - I don't speak for anyone but myself. If you're a PC gamer then power to you, Steam is awesome from what I've seen.

kneon2790d ago

It doesn't have to be that way. I have one of my big PCs connected to the main TV in the house. I also have a wireless keyboard with built in track pad and wireless game controllers so it's just like using a console. But I rarely use it for gaming as there are few PC exclusives that interest me.

plb2790d ago

"Pretty sure P.C. gaming went out years and years ago."

Yep that is why when I see BF3 gameplay I go man I gotta get an xbox for those graphics /s

Raven_Nomad2790d ago

If your gaming strictly on graphical prowess then I pity you.

It's the community and online that attracts me to competitive gaming.
P.C. versions of games sell like utter crap, check Black ops P.C. sales or anything really.

The only thing P.C. is good for is those no lifers who play WOW or something similar.

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The story is too old to be commented.