Will Console Gamers Ever Unite?

Gaming has been associated with rabid fanboys who have a mandate to constantly defend their preferred console, even when issues being debated is obviously false.

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Kran2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )



I love my PS3 and 360 equaly, so im kinda united... ish. But there are others... who just can't.
*cough*nintendo king*cough*

Brewski0072784d ago

The more united we are the lazier it'd make developers, especially those contracted exclusively to each console. If we didnt care about what other consoles had, we wouldnt have our own developers making exclusive games that are top of the range to compete with them.

Istanbull2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

Why unite? Why unite with the people and the media that used the most pathetic tactics to downplay Sony and PS3 since 2006?

We will never forget the double standards used on PS3 exclussives, the ridicilous point deductions on PS3 reviews, like being original or too much variety.

We will never forget the "ps3 is teh doom" articles popping every hour on N4G

In short, you reap what you sow.

INehalemEXI2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )


Firstkn1ghT2784d ago

Fanboys are angry people. Just look at Instanbull. That's the reason their will never be a unity.

SasanovaS19872784d ago

im not a fanboy, but is it wrong to believe xbox has nothing good to offer? or better yet, nothing groundbreaking, or different that can separate them from the competition...other then kinect...and we all know who kinect aims at

darthv722784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

While I too am a multiconsole gamer and enjoy the fruits of all the labor in this industry. I do prefer one more than the rest.

My preference will differ from the rest and I am ok with that because it is my preference. I used to be all up in people telling them they need to be more neutral. Only thing is...that is where being neutral fails. You really arent even if you swear you are.

You can own and play all the consoles under the sun but at the end of it all you will have the ones you play most. The ones you have invested more hours into earning achievements/trophies or whatever you get out of being a dedicated gamer.

Its ok to pick sides so long as you can be respectful to those who may choose a different side than you. What gets me are the ones that will flat out deny the existence of the other side or that it could be entertaining to game on the other platform they may not have.

I game on the PC, NES, DC, Genesis, SNES, Turbografx, PS1/2/3, 2600, NeoGeo, Xbox...etc

At the end of the day my preferred system of choice is the 360. Not because of anything anyone can say in my place but simply because...I like it.

Try and proclaim console neutrality all you want. The rest of us go on about our day.

dalibor2784d ago


At least you admitted it. We all have a preference for everything really, cars, computers, sports teams, woman, and so on. I like the PS3, only system I own currently but I sure as hell am not going to waste my time being a fanboy. You can still have a civil conversation while not having the same opinion about something. Their will always be differences but people can still get along. In the end I'm just a fan. I was a fanboy for a bit but than came to the realization if it had any importance and no it does not, You can still be objective but be sincere and respectful about it -

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BkaY2784d ago

united? .... i dont remember fanboism before xbox and ps brand.. specially after xbox360 and ps3... so blame this gen for all the fanboism...

simply put L&G I LOVE GAMES..

i dont know about others but when i like a game i pick it up ... that what i have been doing since "atari"

so far its working quite well for me..


hennessey862784d ago

with xbox fans thinking they have a godly online and ps3 fans thinking there console is more powerful than god himself its very unlikely.

Dante1122784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

"We choose what we will be, every moment of every day. To hate is easy, because it feels good to strike at the great enemy (fear). To love is difficult, as it challenges us to open our fist and trust blindly. I look at my closed fist and see in it the world, locked in fear and anger. I look at my open hand and see the universe, open to possibility."

I wonder what this place would be like if there were atleast some sort of respect and understanding between the two consoles' enthusiasts. Peace to all gamers.

Kran2784d ago

The thing is though, you just get fanboys who take things too far, that they stir trouble and penalize a person for liking a particular console. There are those who take those words harshly and seriously. Its like bullying really, and Bullying is a real problem on the internet. Fanboys ruin enjoyment of gaming.

DaBadGuy2784d ago

I'm in the same boat, except I got all 3, love PS3 and 360 equally. Wii is good for shits and giggles occasionally with friends for New Super Mario Bros Wii or Mario Kart or something. I guess I'm united too.

I'm going to like what I like and play what I want to play with my money. I've never been swayed by the comment of a fanboy one way or the other. If I see something, be it Uncharted, Halo, God of War, Gears of War, etc. and I like it I'm going to play it regardless of what the claptrap think about it on here.

Sure sometimes there are things that are bigger than the consoles that people have common opinions on, like Bobby Kotick and Activision and stuff like that, but that's rare.

Fanboyism has been around since the Nintendo vs Sega days, like I've said before it's just more profound because of the internet. Back then, fanboys existed in, what, letter collumns in magazines?

@Istanbull I wasn't around N4G back then but whenever i hear about those times you all make it sound like you survived the holocaust, like it was the most horrible thing that has ever happened and you deserve reperations or something. If you know that PS3 is the greatest, than that should be good enough for you. Get over it.

jimbone792783d ago

Man that last paragraph was spot on. I wish I could give you 2,000 bubbles just for that.

NAGNEWS2784d ago

i hope not. i mean as long as there is fanboys there will be great games.

being a fanboy is a challenge for developers

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DarkSpawnClone2784d ago

I wish,it would be great if we could talk about games for real and talk about the negatives and positives with out people getting offended and thinking you are a fanboy,but I'm no fanboy :) I just like to talk about games which is really hard to do on this site people are so sensitive about there games.

SoSLy2784d ago

Real Gamers play their consoles, fanboys argue about their consoles.

Belasco2784d ago

I wish their was cross platform online gaming between 360/ps3.

cochise3132784d ago

That would be pretty sweet.

FailOverHero2784d ago

That really would be awesome. 360 players would own though :)
(settle down I did that on purpose to illustrate just how impossible fanboys uniting is lol)

cochise3132784d ago

Sony and MS should consider it, even if only fot a day. It would be great for the gaming community.

SoSLy2784d ago

wont happen since XBL is paid while PSN is free... It is a wish after all..

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