OXM Duke Nukem Forever scans: Info Blowout

We’ll mine out the important ones for you later. For now, enjoy the scans and let us know if you find something interesting yourselves.

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psb2788d ago

look like fun, I mean it would awesome to have so many Dukes running around at once. Lol, sold.

jaidek2788d ago

Still on the fence with this one. It looks good, but I think the Duke train has come and in the late 90's.

cyborg2788d ago

not because I know this will rule but because I have waited almost 10 fucking years in the hope of playing it. I would have bought it even if it costed $100 just for the sake of fulfilling my wish and seeing if this cans till hold up. This better be good, Duke.

Deathstroke2788d ago

Because I have too many other games to buy and a rental for this is fine considering I already bought Killzone 3 and that's enough for me as far as FPS games go.

KillerPwned2788d ago

This all sounds amazing and to see the Freezer and Devastator make a come back is sick! May needs to come faster!

Masterchef20072788d ago

I just hope they dont screw up the PS3 version cause i really am a fan of Duke Nukeum Games.

LarVanian2788d ago

I really hope that this game turns out good. From the trailer and these scans it looks promising.

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