Konami Ask for Metal Gear Opinions, Peace Walker Coming to Console?

Konami has recently opened up a survey on their Facebook page, one of the more prominent answers suggests that we may get Peace Walker on consoles.

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gaffyh4230d ago

Would be awesome if true, the recruitment system in Peace Walker was really cool, hopefully they implement that into whatever the next metal gear game is.

limewax4230d ago

I really hope we do get this, I tried to play it on psp and just couldnt get into the controls, however the game from what I played was really fun

Istanbull4230d ago (Edited 4230d ago )

I would shit bricks if Peace Walker came to PS3, it is such an amazing game, I want to relive the experience on the superior PS3 system!

Starhawk4230d ago (Edited 4230d ago )

At the NGP conference, Kojima said he would announce a PS3/NGP game at E3.

Maybe it's a "remake" ( better graphics, more content ... ) of Peace Walker.

crzyjackbauer4230d ago

i never cleared Peace Walker i blame the psp
the camera controls pissed me off
same as in Portable Ops
they should have just made them for PS2 instead of PSP

deafwing4229d ago

that survey was painfully one sided
it's like they are looking for validation for the portable games ... :/

anyways whatevs, Konomai knows they have to do another game

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BigBoss074230d ago

I already took the survey, and they asked really awesome questions. The ones that stood out to me was what system should the next Metal Gear be on (answered PS3 and NGP). Also, if Peace Walker should come to PS3 and other improvement features.

Take the survey now and get the word to Kojima what we MGS fans want!!

IronFist4230d ago

I'm still in a dream.....

Peace WALKER!!!!!

(I know it's from Snake Eater lol).

Beefstew4u4230d ago

Son, you've got a way to fall.

Istanbull4230d ago (Edited 4230d ago )

Oh "way to fall", one of the songs in MGS3 that makes me cry everytime :)

Here, with an epic MGS3 tribute:

lalalala4230d ago

plz be true, plz be true. I don't have a PSP so haven't been able to play this game, and have been wanting to play it for ages.

Beefstew4u4230d ago

Doubt it'll happen. PSP just hit $130 anyway, with most big games (like Peace Walker) recently released as greatest hits for $20.

Raendom4230d ago

I LOVE Peace Walker. It'd need tweaking for sure, it couldn't be a direct port. But if it had online functionality and maybe randomally generated missions as well as kept mother base... I'd make it my primary online game.

DeleteThisxx4230d ago

God, even after the amount of time I put into the PSP version I would have no problem picking up a console version. I would enjoy it just as much if not even more.

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The story is too old to be commented.