Destructoid: Operation Flashpoint: Red River preview

Destructoid: Back in 2009 Codemasters attempted to bring the Operation Flashpoint franchise back up to speed with Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising. It received a mixed response from fans but earned a modest Metacritic score of 76% with mostly positive reviews from the gaming press.

Over a year later and Codemasters is due to release the next game in the series, Operation Flashpoint: Red River, which will feature absolutely no competitive multi-player aspects, a heavy co-op focus, along with gameplay mechanics designed to simplify and streamline the experience; is Red River the Operation Flashpoint game that fans and newcomers alike have been craving for?

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FunkMcnasty2784d ago

hmmm.. Doesn't sound as promising as I had hoped. My heart sank as soon as the author mentioned that Codemaster's is "making Red River more accessible to appeal to the Call of Duty crowd." FPS fans don't need another mindless shooter.. I'm think many of us were looking forward to another thinking man's FPS.

I think it's safe to see, this will be a "rent it first" game when it comes out this April.