Talking NGP with Shuhei Yoshida - part 1

The president of SCE Worldwide Studios (WWS) explains the background to the development process for NGP.

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pedrami912787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

And he's saying it's larger than the UMD which was 1,8 GB.
And according to Coombs, it's 2GB for smaller ones while the larger "exclusive" ones will use 4GB.

I just find it hard to imagine a game as good lookin' as Uncharted and Killzone for the NGP will only use 4GB, i kept thinking that was at the very least 6GB.

Remember when Nintendo with their card reaching as far as 8GB ? yeah, well remember also that it wasn't Nintendo who said, it was merely the company who made the cards for Nintendo that said so.

At max, i guess Nintendo will use 4GB and no further.
For now, they'll stick to 2GB.

Maybe the NGP will similar to the PSP in terms of quality and games. Start out with small games, nearing half it's life with games being a lot larger and better and near the end, go out with a BANG ! (Type-0 using two UMDs)

But only this time with way more support and firepower ( 82+ developers and still counting !) at their disposal.

pedrami912787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

Also one more thing, he confirms PS Suite for the NGP which is awsome.

It means casual games that are usually played on the Ipod/Iphone/Android devices can now be played on the NGP.

So much for the Doom & Gloom news about it being DOA on arrival and only being able to play HxC games on it.

sinncross2784d ago

Didn't we all know that PS Suite was for NGP?

That is the long term goal of PS Suite: to get people with smartphones who want better gaming to shell out for an NGP because of familiarity.

Well that's how I always saw the service, but yeah PS Suite games for NGP is great. Basically offers users an array of touchscreen games in addition to the current PSN offerings for PSP.

StbI9902786d ago

I think 4 gb per game is about right, games like Resident evil 4 quite fit on a mere 4.7 only taking about 3.9 GB from the DVD, god of war for another side and so on.

It is not like the psp will have uncompressed high quality audio and HD 720p video to fill that card up to heaven.

I think the Uncharted and killzone games will do just about fine