The Year Ahead

Nicholas Lovell looks at the ten issues that will change the game industry in 2011.

See what he has to say about the following:
- The Rise Of The Smartphone
- Blockbuster Generation
- Indies Will Thrive
- The Decline Of The Wii
- You’ll Spend More On A Single Game Than Ever Before
- The Slow Take-Up Of 3d
- The Console Wars Will Rage Over Entertainment, Not Games

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kuroukage2784d ago

"Nobody Knows Anything
The most-likely-to-come-true prediction for 2011 is that something no one predicted will emerge and take us all by surprise. While we wait for the unexpected, these are the issues that will vex and delight gamers in 2011. Happy gaming."

Bravo sir. The same thing can be said for just about every year. A psychic you are not. ;)