Joystiq - Dead Island preview: Paradise in shambles

Last month's debut of the emotionally-charged trailer for Dead Island, a game completely forgotten (if ever known at all), instantly rocketed developer Techland's zombie vacation nightmare into the spotlight, spawning a number of homages and an absolute thirst to know: Could the game possibly be as good as the cinematic teaser?

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Wizziokid2784d ago

sounds awesome but damn I want to see the gameplay they saw, rather excited for this game

DanSolo2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

We do NEED a definitive Zombie game....

There are quite a few Zombie games out, but nothing that qualifies as the Ultimate Zombie Experience!

I'd love to see someone take the new Elder Scrolls engine and make an open world Zombie FPS/RPG/Survival Horror game!
You know that they will be doing the next Fallout with that engine... so why not do the best damn zombie game ever on it as well? lol

Barracading yourself in buildings... escaping with just the bare essentials and having to make do with whatever you can scavenge before finally being able to help (via some quests/missions) to build a fortified settlement that you have to help keep supplied/defended/growing.

Shit I could go on and on with ideas... as I am sure most other people could when it comes to building the ultimate Zombie game.... now you know that shit would sell... you know there are an abundance of ideas for it.... there are numerous engines out there that could be adapted to it.... so why don't we have one? Enquiring minds want to know!!!

Although reading this sites description of Dead Island, it does sound like this game is definately on the right track!

Telloth2784d ago

The trailer was impressive, it remains to be seen whether the game is actually good or not. But if I'm honest, I can't wait. Zombies make for fun video games, but on an tropical island? Sounds even better! :D