Crysis 2 looks bad on PS3? PSM3 disagrees

Mag posts positive impressions of "exceptional" latest build

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2fk2787d ago

gameplay over graphics.

Raendom2787d ago

Totally agree. BUT been playing the game on PC and I quite like the gameplay. It's the closest to Brink at this moment, the level design is imo incredible it's just straight up fun.

CoDified, but fun.

plb2787d ago

Yeah it's not bad but don't really like the motion blur.

Blad3star2787d ago

Wait - this game is out for PC already?

Raendom2787d ago

@Blad3star The demo is, it's on steam now. Over 1300 FULL 12/12 servers, very popular.

Pixelated_Army2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

Difference is negligible? TO who? You the reviewer, that reviews games for a living and could give two shits because it's on to the next title or we the gamers that will be playing these games for hundreds of hours and expect the highest level of quality possible from these tittles.

So this is how you get the maximum out of the PS3 hardware Crytek?

"The only point I'd agree on is that the visuals - compared to the single-player version on 360, which I also saw - appear slightly less colourful, giving the darker maps slightly more murkiness. But the difference is negligible."


Both are possible are they not. You shouldn't expect anything less considering we're paying $60 FUCKING dollars for these games.

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Amphion2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

@ 2fk

Or you can have BOTH gameplay and graphics if you get the 360 or PC version. No need to choose.

Edit: why the disagrees? It seems like common sense. PS3 version has the great gameplay while the 360/PC game has the great graphics and gameplay. I don't see how a factual statement like that can be disagreed upon. Don't blame me, blame Crytek.

Just for the record I am more of a PS3 fanboy than anything. Luckily I also have a 360 and a PC to compensate for Crytek's inability to make a graphically impressive PS3 version.

MegaMohsi2787d ago

the MP graphics on PC look like utter crap compared to the original Crysis/Warhead. I know MP is usually dumbed down from SP but still, this is a huge downgrade.

Gamer_Z2787d ago

Well you could pick it up for the Xbox but I think its best played on the PC that’s where this game was meant to be played and to be honest I really don’t want to pay twice just to play one game Crysis2/1year Xbox live = $120 no thanks. I think I’ll just save that money for Brink and BF3.

nycredude2787d ago

I think to put the 360 version with the Pc version is retarded. If anything 360 looks closer to the Ps3 version and the PC has no equal. If you took your head out MS's ass you would see this.

gypsygib2787d ago

Did you read the article IGN was probably playing an older build, the final game runs great on PS3 - no jaggies, framerate issues, ect.

And if you think the console version is going to even touch the PC version you're delusional.

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RBLAZE19882787d ago

So is everyone gonna re-preorder the game again after canceling their pre orders last night? Lol told you that you guys were freakin out about nothing. Wait for the demo to make decisions. SMH....

Tinasumsum2787d ago

PSM3 disagrees? Shocking!!!!

IRetrouk2787d ago

well they have played it therfore can make a factual statment about it, you trolling a ps3 article? shocking!!!

buckley2787d ago

It makes me sad that people have disagreed with your post.

theonlylolking2787d ago

Graphics and gameplay are just as important people. I here so many people say graphics are more important or gameplay is more important. Well if you had epic graphics then you most likely wont have good gameplay. If you have great gameplay you hace crap graphics and you will not get nearly as immersed into the game as you would if it looked better.

What you want is great graphics and great gameplay like uncharted 2/3, crysis 1(I like the gameplay and graphics), crysis 2, killzone 3, etc...

For me it is a pain seeing bad graphics and it is a pain for me to have bad gameplay. You should not choose which one is more important because in the end they are just as important to the game.

Now just think for a minute for those that have played uncharted 2. Now if it had super mario 64 graphics but even better gameplay how much more immersive and believable would the game and story be?

Gamer_Z2787d ago

The two go hand in hand no doubt about it.

teething2786d ago

Great games excel in three things:

1. Gameplay
2. Graphics
3. Story

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MGRogue20172787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

We must wait for Digital Foundry's face-off article to find out which console version comes out on top!

Stay Tuned.. :)

HaHa_Ostrich2787d ago

Exactly my thoughts. IGN likes to make scandalous articles, on the other hand, this magazine is pro-PS3. We have to wait for the DF to compare.

vandal GAB2787d ago


I think the 360 demo is the same build as the January demo just with the multi-player adjustments. The game will be in optimization stages now and I'm more than confident the final product will have a lot more polish on all three platforms.

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Yangus2787d ago

Crysis 2 looks bad on PS3?
....but...Killzone 3 AWESOME.

chiswiz2787d ago

sorry to disagree, but killzone 3 is a big disapoinment to me, and in some cases a step backward to the good loking killzone 2, that why ´cos they made some compromises to the to awesome lighting system present in kz2, when you shoot in kz2, everything proyect shadow and it was soooo sweet when you fry in bullets a helghan in a dark room, but in kz3 that effect its missing, and what do we have in reward for that? big scenarios and massive battles, just like halo, call of duty, gears of war and every other shooter in the market, killzone loose it´s identity in the proces and no mention on the awful story in kz3, a good looking game for sure, but i´ve seen things like that in other games but i haven´t seen anything like killzone 2 yet...

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