Epic Games 'Would Love' to Put Gears of War on PS3

The Gears of War franchise will receive its much anticipated third installment later this fall, and Epic Games is expecting it to be the "entertainment event of 2011," but that's an event that PS3 owners won't be able to participate in. The exclusive partnership with Microsoft for the Gears trilogy has definitely been a beneficial one for Epic, but we asked Epic President Mike Capps during GDC if he'd like to be able to put Gears on Sony's platform to perhaps increase sales even more.

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Shanks2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

It WILL happen, eventually.

"So will Gears of War ever come to PS3? Capps wouldn't say, but he did note that, 'We definitely own Gears of War. This is our franchise, our IP,'"

Any time now.

Abash2788d ago

Gears sales would be huge if it were multiplat

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

If it were a new Gears maybe. But year old ports never sell well. Bioshock, Mass Effect 2, Ninja Gaiden 2...etc.

@disagree: Well it's, true.

tehpees32788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

OMG 360 would have practically NOTHING to call exclusive. This would be a MAJOR loss especially with it running short as is.

M$ would do everything they could to prevent this from happening.

Corepred42788d ago

sniff sniff... i smell.. multiplatform!! lol

Istanbull2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

Please no, Forza being the only 360 exclusive will look a bit silly...

But if you really insist, give us also a Gears HD collection, would love to play it in real HD.

malandra2788d ago

I've already played the Gears games but to have them all, including the new one on one blu ray would be amazing

IMO games on DVDs don't have collectable value

ActivistBike2788d ago

Wasn't most of the PS3 people saying Gears was just another shooter with overly macho guys and an overall crappy game? Now this comes out and everyone is talking about it and not in a bad way. Weird....

paintsville2788d ago Show
NateCole2788d ago

WTF?. Nah guys. They should keep Gears on the x360. There is no point in having it on the PS3. If PS3 fans want it they should get it on the x360. Besides the PS3 already has too many games.

Again this is just me supporting multi consoles. I really really dread the day when we only just have one platform. Loosing exclusives that are synonymous with a particular platform is the beginning of the end of multi consoles and i am sure no one wants that.

I am sure EPIC can do whatever they want but at least for this gen they should keep Gears exclusive to the x360.

Undeadwolfy2788d ago

"Wasn't most of the PS3 people saying Gears was just another shooter with overly macho guys and an overall crappy game?"

I stand by the argument....

karl2788d ago

this is not about how good gears of wars is

its about leaving MS with no exclusives at all..

sweet day for the gaming industry that would be....

guigsy2788d ago

If you're willing to wait for something that may or may not happen then that's your choice, I know I will be enjoying Gears 3 in a few months.

inveni02788d ago

I played the first Gears on PC and only finished it so that I could say I finished it. If Gears came out on PS3, it would definitely be one of the last games I'd buy. Not my cup of tea.

nycredude2788d ago

@activist bike

Yeah sure all 125 comments in here on N4g represents "everyone" who owns a ps3. /s

SWORDF1SH2788d ago

Can you see any single person here that talked bad about Gears and now talking good about gears?

If so then feel free to point that single person out.

Please dont group the whole PS3 community together. Because a small proportion like to slag off anything 360 it doesnt mean that all PS3 owners do.

ActivistBike2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )


Last time I checked I didn't put an exact console to every person, but read how you like it. I also didn't say anything exactly saying that everyone here owned a PS3. Keep those glasses on, you even put a space in my name where there isn't one. Shows something...


I guess I kinda did group the PS3 people all together, I know there are some good people from every console. Just saying over the years all I heard was bashing from people with PS3's saying that they wont need it cause they got Uncharted. Seemed like nobody wanted it ever, and now to see some of the responses I am confused.

TheLastGuardian2788d ago

Keep your head up 360 fanboys. You've still got Forza.


BattleAxe2788d ago

It would be cool if they released the "Gears of War Collection" on PS3. Its such a well known IP that I'm sure it would do quite well.

HolyOrangeCows2788d ago

If Microsoft is foolish enough to let EPIC go and not fight to publish Gears themselves, then, yeah, it would go to the PS3.

Hayabusa 1172788d ago

"But if you really insist, give us also a Gears HD collection, would love to play it in real HD. "

Hell yeah! I'd pay another £50 to get the extra 20 pixels!


OneSneakyMofo2788d ago

If Gears comes to PS3, Microsoft might as well throw in the towel.

Majors2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

Lol No sale here im afraid...
Played the first one and thought it was a pile of turd. Watched bro play second one and thought the same..
There are MUCH MUCH better games that are more worthy of my hard earned cash.
Microsoft can keep it.

kreate2788d ago

"Wasn't most of the PS3 people saying Gears was just another shooter with overly macho guys and an overall crappy game?"

although this might be true to some ps3 gamers.
im sure some of them still want to play it.
besides.. ps3 gamers are happy to hear another previous Microsoft exclusive game going multi plat.

since u know.. xbox gamers were happy to enjoy previous playstation exclusives in previous years.

the tables are turning back and microsoft is left with very few exclusives. microsoft only have themselves to blame.

ChineseDemocracy2788d ago

I'm all for it going multi-platfom, however, I think that it should remain exclusive, just because the GeOW name already has such a strong association with the MS/360 name.

And it's one of the last remaining "true" console exclusives for the box.

MaxXAttaxX2788d ago

Gears of War 1, 2 and 3 are all just one game to me.
Everything looks and feels the same. Environments...everything. Not just graphics.

sikbeta2788d ago

2 things:

·for the guys that said "but, PS3 fanboys were saying Gears was crap a now you want it" that's not the point, if this ever happen, it means another exclusive lost for MS

·I don't think is going to happen, I mean Epic owns the IP, but I'm sure MS will not let them go just like that, another deal in order to secure the IP?

pixelsword2788d ago

Think of all of the cut-out levels that all three GeOW must have for it to fit on DVD for the 360 (like the Burmak level for the first Gears that was on PC) plus exclusive Developer movies, soundtracks, and everything redone in the new Epic engine that GeOWIII has... Now, I think Gears on the 360 is just fine, but even I will re-buy Gears for the PS3 if they did something like that.

AAACE52788d ago

Haha... Looks like all the people who said Gears of War was a f'ed up game always wanted it on Ps3 in the first place!

I don't care either way, others should get to enjoy it as well.

jeseth2788d ago

I think, even being basically a PS3 only gamer, that Gears of War needs to stay on Xbox. Microsoft needs it to.

It is better for gaming as a whole to have the competition between the 2. Not that I think Sony would sit back and stop pushing the bar, because Playstation has had amazing exclusive games from the beginning, but it would give them a reason to maybe get rid of a new idea they weren't willing to take a risk on.

The sales would be significant if Gears came to PS3 but I just think it would be a major blow to Xbox and with the "next gen" down the pipeline, there would be almost no reason to buy an Xbox. Just Halo and timed COD DLC (and that is only a month).

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EYEamNUMBER12788d ago

im not holding my breath microsoft letting one of their flagship exclusives just go multiplat?

they would whip out their checkbook faster than you can blink so i sure as heck wouldn't hold my breath

Blad3star2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

I agree - plus Cliffy said that they feel like Gears would not have been the Giant that it is if it was not for MS marketing.

I remember watching the DVD that I got with my limited editon Gears and remember seeing how nervous Cliffy was when they showed the game to Bill Gates - after the presentation Bill was all smiles and gave Cliffy a hand shake whcih I imagine Cliffy never washes.

xtremexx2788d ago

@Blad3star is that online? would love to see that

crzyjackbauer2788d ago

as a 360 fan i can onestly say you all can go ahead and keeps gears

Gears 1 is the ony good one

Gears2 sucks balls in both single player and Multiplayer, i was really dissapointed with what they did with the story

go on an play Gears 1 on PC its the best

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malandra2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

yeah, I'm pretty well informed about this sort of thing but I was under the impression that Microsfot owned the IP

so, yeah, this might be this year's E3 Sony megaton


old ports might not sell well but they cost very little, so it's all profit even if it's not much


It will not happen..Even if the contract they have for 3 gears games on the 360 runs out i can bet MS is ready to give them more money to sign another contract that will make it a 360 exclusive. Do u think MS will just let go of Gears with out talking to Epic about another contract? I doubt it..And do u think Epic will turn down the contract if is worth 30-70million$(I dont know if games contract money is that big but im just assuming)For another 3 gears on the on the 360?? I doubt Epic will say no to that type of money if MS offers them.

Lyr1c2788d ago

That's assuming that the contract would offer more money than what the PS3 fan-base could offer, and seeing as Microsoft just spent a shitload on Kinect, I'm not so sure it's impossible.

JRobes2788d ago


Do you really think Microsoft is bankrupt after Kinect? I think we can safely say that Microsoft has way more cash than they know what to do with

Ilikegames762788d ago

It would be better for MS to just put those excess money into developing new IP. Sometime I don't know what those making decision at MS were thinking.

Persistantthug2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

and it also should be noted that Microsoft makes about $70 or $80 on each Kinect.

But you need to know that Microsoft GAMES doesn't have unlimited money. If they did, then they wouldn't have had to close down Ensemble, Digital Anvil, ACES, FASA, and about 6 or 7 more game studios.

You must keep in mind Microsoft Games is just a side venture for Microsoft Corp. Windows is their bread and butter, and they have their hands quite full with that trying to fend off Google and other up and comers. (MS is losing that war btw).

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egidem2788d ago

Interesting though...I want them to put Gears of War 1, 2 and 3 all on one Blu-ray disc, with all the DLC...this would make my xbox copies just useless.

Nicaragua2788d ago

would also make your xbox useless

egidem2788d ago

My Xbox is ALREADY useless. My 360 sits just there waiting for only 2 games: Gears of War 3 and Forza 4. Last time I touched it was after beating Halo Reach. Since then it's been gathering dust. I just can't find things for it to do! There are lots of games, but I can get them on the PS3 as well. Plus, Live is expensive and not worth my time really.

On my PS3 side though, things have been too fun! Gran Turismo 5 last year was and still is fun to play, LittleBigPlanet 2 came out, and I started playing it, then Killzone 3...aah so much to do!

There are games I could've got for the 360 but didn't for various reasons. Like Mass Effect 2 on the PS3 and Dead Space 2 both come on one single disc.

killershadow1172788d ago

@Egidem, so you would prefer to wait for 3 games to come out on your PS3 instead of your 2 on the Xbox. Last time I counted 2 is not that far away from 3.

Firstkn1ghT2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

Well at least you own a 360. I still don't see a reason to own a ps3. Last year 1 game gained my interest and that's God of War 3. Great game that one simple playthrough on my cousin's ps3 was good enough. So far this year, DC Online: sucks, LBP: fun game if you are 8 years old, KZ3: 84% generic shooter. I haven't seen an interesting game on the ps3 since GOW3.

egidem2788d ago

@killershadow117 - I always read reviews and go with what is the best for either platform. For example Bayonetta and The Orange Box were not good on the PS3...I quickly changed my mind...let's not even talk about Black Ops. Looks like Crysis 2 is heading down this road as well! I wish I could have more multi-plats on my PS3 but if the experience is better on the 360, I'm definitely getting it for the 360 then. I was playing Mass Effect 2 at my friend's house on his Xbox and it suddenly told me to insert disc Why not have it on one disc? This is the same friend who can't finish Final Fantasy XIII because his xbox badly scratched Disc 2

Firstkn1ghT2788d ago

I put around 60 hours into Mass Effect 2 and I switched discs maybe 3 times. If that's a problem with you, than maybe you should stop playing video games and get your lazy behind to the gym.

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lelo2play2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

If Microsoft losses this exclusive... i would sell my X360 and keep my PS3.

A question to Microsoft... what's the use of having a console with no exclusives?

FrigidDARKNESS2788d ago

keep in mine that MS is the publisher of the first 3 gears so you wouldn't see it on the ps3. If their were a spinoff of the series its possible you could see it on the ps3.

ZombieAssassin2788d ago


Ninja Gaiden 2 did.

StbI9902788d ago


Wasn't ninja gaiden 1 and 2 microsoft stuff yet they came even better on ps3? LOL

Inside_out2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

Gears in it's current state wouldn't work on the ps3. The AI alone would give the PS3 fits, let alone the physics and all the detailed IN REAL TIME game play. Even Uncharted went with Havok for part 2 trying to be Gears...didn't help. PS3 can't do this even 5 years later...

...let alone this...

Ubisoft has said that Splinter cell Conviction couldn't work on PS3 and would need to be downgraded from it's current state. Maybe that's why they are releasing the old SC games and still haven't ported conviction on ps3 a year later. Bioshock 1 was too advance for the ps3 as well and that's why it had to be downgraded.

KZ 3 tried to get " organic " and fluid and it turned out like this embarrassing level...just not capable of fluid animations or AI like Unreal and 360.

Uncharted is worse with this memorable boss battle...a possessed guy in a suit, a villager speaking gibberish, weapons that sound all the same, AI that crouch and walk straight towards you and ladders that fall out of the mountain side...O_o

Just trying to keep things real.

Lekumkee2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

lulz... are you Major Nelson brah? Cause you're seriously sucking that MS d**k.

Lyr1c2788d ago


Oh yeah....One bubble.

TheGreatIndonesia2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

funny after all wall of text you've wrote U2 still holds the crown for the best graphic on console... and it sits on metacritics with 96 point, which is no 360 exclusives ever reach that point until now... ooh ooh do you want me to list every single GOTY awards U2 has achieved?

Strange_Evil2788d ago

Cool story bro... hope you get a good night sleep after all the crap you've got off your chest...

Lol Killzone 3 embarrasses ANY Unreal 3 game leave alone Gears... The MAWLR level in KZ3 itself puts any level seen to shame with the amount of things going on...

Can't wait to see the embarrassment when UC3 launches along with Gears 3... Start making excuses from now.... You're gonna be needing a lot of them.

BlackTar1872788d ago

LOL that was the longest post of nonsens ive ever read. LOL

'Just trying to keep things real."

strickers2788d ago

Gears AI?Hahahahahahahahah.
Bullet sponges don't have AI.Have you played Gears?

Pixelated_Army2788d ago

awww aren't you cute little guy with your little assumptions and half assed conclusions. adorable.

KZ2 pawns your little Gears.

starts at 0:48

perdie2788d ago

wait... so your saying that the ps3 can't handle games? Try playing uncharted 2 on 360 for like 10 minutes and lets see how the 360 can handle that game without overheating.... oh wait, thats right. the best game made this generation is only on ps3 :)

Jazz41082788d ago

Kz3 has to be the biggest dissapointment that I have had in gaming in a while. The graphics are jusk ok and the game play is terrible. I would be fine with worse graphics but the game is not fun to play. I don't play online much so I'm judging this from the sp campaign. Bulletstorm on the otherhand was great to play and I loved every minute of it and its humor was fun. The graphics were not. Bad at all but the most important element is game play and kz3 is a fail in my book.

starcb262788d ago

Gears is a really brown game.


Wow finally after so long I've found a die hard 360 fanboy. It's hard to come by 360 fanboys on this site because of all the Sony loyalists who by the way are worse than apple & Wii fanboys combined because they tend to cry a lot.

Bring back the open zone!

The_Ultimate_Guy2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

@ perdie

Actually GTA 4 is the best game made this Gen.

GTA 4 - 98 meta
Uncharted 2 - 96 meta

And GTA 4 is a multiplat game that ran better on the 360 in actual HD and not Sub-HD like on the PS3.

Best be getting your facts right next time and relax with the Fool-aid.

@ TheGreatIndonesia

Gears of War has also won GOTY awards. So your argument is Moot.

@ Pixelated_Army

That link you provided only shows how stupid the AI is. Running forward into bullets. Pulling out a knife when your character is holding a shot gun? That link only damages your argument. Next time you should actually WATCH the video you post.

@ starcb26

Killzone is a real grey game.

Belasco2787d ago

You get tons of disagrees, but you speak the truth. These exclusive Sony titles use smoke and mirrors, such as Uncharted 2, when you go to the edge of a map it is obvious that its largely a 2d backdrop.

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Kingscorpion19812788d ago

I have a friend that works at Epic games (Game Designer) and he told me it will happen eventually. There just waiting for there contract with Microsoft to expire later this year.

WitWolfy2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

Wish full thinking Gears one and two is published by Microsoft, and anything published by a MS wont get ported to PS3 or Wii (If it could of handled it). Look at Mass Effect 1, "Published by Microsoft Studios" (Never ported)second Mass Effect "Published by EA studios" (ported a year later)see where im going??