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limewax2789d ago

yeah what the hell? have we even got a release date for the game yet?

tablav2789d ago

What, you mean the one that's at the end of this trailer? 20th May.

Besides, why are you surprised? Nobody batted an eyelid when New Vegas had pre order bonuses/weapons etc, but call it DLC and people complain. I, for one, relish the idea of getting extra game to play for no extra cost.

limewax2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

I know but I dodged that bullet and a friend lent it to me instead. I just cant stand the rate DLC comes about right now, It seems as if were always being given incomplete games

Thanks for pointing out release date btw, I dont know why but I have a bad habit of skipping the end lol. Good to know its not far away

zeeshan8102789d ago

Dude you're so slow with gaming news.

North America: May 17th / Europe: May 20th

zeeshan8102789d ago

GameStop Exclusive "Pre-Order" DLC Trailer! (PRE-ORDER)

KUV19772789d ago

That's what i thought. However, turns out to be pre-order-DLC. Not that this is much better. Just sayin'.

ksense2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

i refuse to buy the game from gamestop and rockstar said it will be available for purchase later. Amazon all the way and the pre order bonus for that is some suit. o well.

Sucks when you have to buy 5 different copies to get a complete game on launch day. best buy has its own dlc, walmart has a different one, target has one....

tablav2789d ago

Good point that it will become available later, but at what cost? They'll obviously charge for it.

femshep2789d ago

and the game still still not out.......devs need to stop this and just put the full game on the disc fill the disc and then after release make dlc not before

creamsoda2789d ago

I agree they should make it worth the $60 and put everything in it.

zeeshan8102789d ago

This newsposts title is WRONG! Its a GameStop PRE-ORDER bonus!

femshep2789d ago

either way its still DLC they can put on the disc

zeeshan8102788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

@femshep - It's already on the disc you're just unlocking it. Red Dead Redemption pre-order DLCs are already on the disc.

Tommykrem2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

I don't think anyone wants to hear promises of upcoming DLC before a game is released...
Like when Bioware said that Dragon Age II will be shorter, but it'll be even more DLC than the first on had (which had 100$ worth of DLC) so it'll be ok. That's not okay! That's almost a scam!