The Console War Doesn't Matter - All Consoles Are Doomed Anyway

NowGamer: "PlayStation versus Wii versus Xbox versus PC gaming rigs… in just ten years’ time they’ll all be irrelevant anyway, so it’s less a question of which will win, and more a question, if anything, of which will lose last. Here’s why..."

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2fk2784d ago

no more war....i am a pc/360/ps3/wii gamer and i love them all...just play the system u want without bashing the other =)

Feckles2784d ago

In the console war, I'm a contentious objector.

blackburn52784d ago

There would be no war if everyone would just play their own damn consoles and games and stop trying to bring down the others. I don't care if Crysis 2 looks 5% better on the 360 then the PS3. I don't care if BS is funnier then KZ3. I don't care if Rage might beat KZ3. I don't care if Halo's story is 2% percent better then any other shooter. I don't care if ever freaking person in existance buys Kinect. I don't care if the 3DS sells 5 million more then tge NGP. I DON'T care if every PC snob in the world says that consoles are dead and the games would look better on the PC. Just shut up and play the damn games!!!!!!!

mightyboot2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

PC gaming is seperated from console gaming you cant compare them in anything because the obvious awnser lies on common sense instead by being stupid.

I agree that some games should be focused on PC to show their real potencial but if console only games want to stay on consoles dont bitch about it.

The internet started all this...

LoaMcLoa2784d ago

You know what would be the bomb? If Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo all made the same console.

iNMyFiN4LH0uR2784d ago

not exactly, i mean they would create the ultimate console, problem is it'll be a monopoly, they'll have no competition.

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