1up: Developers Concern Over EU 360 Sales

Amidst discussions of the rumoured price drop from Sony in the 1up studio, developers reveal that 360 software sales in Europe, outside the UK, are "tanking" to the extreme point that publishers and developers are considering to not even release games in Europe outside the UK, much like how Infinity Ward are rumoured to be releasing CoD4: Modern Warfare only on the PlayStation 3 in Asia.

The statement is at 01:44:45 in the podcast


The claim is made by John Davidson, a former director of the 1UP network, who rejoins the others for this podcast.

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Meus Renaissance4405d ago (Edited 4405d ago )

We all knew the UK was Microsoft's strongest ally in their European drive but I hadn't expected other countries to be so difficult that publishers are considering to stop releasing there.

Recently, Eidos of Europe, announced a $60mill loss in sales because of the cost of developing next-gen games. I sympathise with these publishers, they're getting creamed this generation.

I've said it several times previously over the past few days, I am seriously starting to doubt the success rate of Microsoft's Xbox 360 outside North America. ChartTrack UK, the credible analysts in the UK that monitor hardware and software sales and covered the PS3 launch, said that the sales between the two consoles in general in 2007 were comparable - which puts more doubt into exactly how strong the Xbox 360 is in the UK nevermind Europe as a whole. And with the rumoured price drop of Sony's machine, no bets will be taken to see who is more likely going to win this territory.

Danny Dan4405d ago

I am actually right behind ya on this one. I always had this perception that the 360 was doing great in Europe (be it the rest of the world) and was owning in NA and well of course, doing sh** in Japan.

I read an article a couple of days ago that stated the sales number for the 360 and I believe it went something like this: 400k = Japan, 7M = NA, and the rest of the World = 1.4M... (I'm trying to find the article, I'll post as soon as I find)

I was shocked when I seen that 1.4M and to think that Europe was swarming with 360s, but I thought very wrong all this time. I too am worried about the 360 in the rest of the world (not just EU). I said this before and I'll say it again, the 360 really does need to diversify their titles a lot more in order to gain ground in other markets. I mean Gears Of War was great, Bioshock is great, and Halo 3 is great but damn, can you change up the great titles for me MS? Oh, and Mass Effect, "SHOOTER-rpg", but it is a 'little' bit diverse no?

I think MS is doing an AWESOME job in the Japanese market. AMAZING job actually, I believe they are doing much more in Japan then Sony is (despite sales and all that stuff). MS is trying so hard to get into that market they're willing to do anything for it. I just ain't seeing Sony really trying to 'c0ck-block' the sh** out of MS when it comes down to Japan, I'm only seeing the actual Japanese consumer blocking that company away, but for how long can do it for? Sony had a really crappy showing in TGS and I was highly dissapointed. I thought Sony was going to give a very strong showing for their native land but they didn't. With just Ninja Gaiden II, MS did a great job, and not to mention the SE titles they managed to bring way to their console.

ShiftyLookingCow4405d ago (Edited 4405d ago )

stop taking pot shots at Mass Effect, it is an RPG with shooter elements(Bioware is one of the best as far as western RPGs go), if you don't like then don't bother(its funny some people complain its a shooter and others its all talk no action). MS is not even really hyping it like it should. As for Japan, they need a lot more of crazy catchy stuff like [email protected] and more good JRPGs. And of course better advertising and hardware reliability.

Primetimebt4405d ago (Edited 4405d ago )

I believe M$ pretty much failed in japan no matter hard they try. The original XBOX was lucky to sell 500 units a week mainly because it never had any games that catered to the Japan person. The other reason is they were quick to drop support of the XBOX. This only goes to show japanese the XBOX and M$ are very lost in the console business. I also believe Sony really doesn't have to bend over for its home land because the Wii can never do a japanesse favorite game genre "RPG's" like Sony can. Time will tell.

Danny Dan4405d ago

Oh yea definitely. Totally agree. Don't get me wrong, I KNOW MS failed miserably over there and I would suggest for them to just bring some of their Japan resources into other world markets. They need to realize its a lost cost.

Basically what I was trying to say is that I give a lot of credit to MS for trying so hard, and anybody can see that.

nasim4405d ago

the 399$ ps3 is coming up MS you are finished.

the only battleground left for you is NA which will soon be won by PS3

Gamespot-equals-EGM4405d ago

One more reason why the original Xbox failed in Japan...the hardware itself was freaking humougous. So much so, it was really, really ungainly. The original Xbox was the size of 2-3 VCR's (modern VCR's that is)...ridiculous.

Now, with the Xbox 360, they tried to make the console more normal size but the totally f-ed up the circulation. Lets face it, MS sucks at making hardware.

4405d ago
agent8644405d ago

"People around the world hate America and anything American.

People around the world hate Microsoft and everything Microsoft's.

Couple those two together...and there you have it. There is absolutely nothing MS can do to win the hearts of those people. "

Apple is doing just fine in Japan. Windows and Office, while slightly threatened, are doing more than well. Granted Japan can be a tough nut to crack marketing wise, but its not due to hatred or xenophobia.

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predator4405d ago

i dont get it, how come we see reports saying the 360 outsells the ps3 in Europe apart from spain and pourtagal, 1up trying to get hits

Meus Renaissance4405d ago

I honestly don't know how well the PS3 does outside the UK, but regarding the Xbox 360, John Davison who is respected says on the podcast that this is what he knows; developers considering not releasing their games outside the UK in Europe because the sales are so bad. That would mean the PS3 software sales would be doing no better..

But with the rumoured price drop, perhaps they are waiting to see how this changes their own sales before they do something similar?

Laxe4405d ago

Well yes, the 360 IS outselling the PS3 in Europe (from what I saw of VGACharts) but by how much? If I recall (and this is just going by memory) it's only by 100k/month in certain countries.

I do think that either Microsoft's image, their games, or both are preventing them from getting the kind of sales figures seen in NA.

barom4405d ago

vgchartz is a bunch of bullshitters. cmon they have trojans on their site wtf is up with that.

and I don't think there were any reports that X360 was doing better than PS3 in "Europe". ONLY in UK.

notpill4405d ago

@2.1 u wrong, wont affect PS3 software, it's all about 360 and piracy. PS3 is still piracy free (today)

MikeGdaGod4405d ago (Edited 4405d ago )

i had 40+ games for 360 and about 2 of them were actual copies bought from the store.

my buddy found a way to play burnt games on it and still be able to go online so that was never a problem. using dvds is another mistake MS made with this system, not just because of disk space, but it's way too easy to hack the system. i, of course, love it because i only pay $10 bucks for games and my cousin loves it cus now he has alot of games and doesn't have to spend his limited funds and can get every game he wants.

there are so many people with dvd burners and hardly no one with bluray burners, it really will start to hurt the system.

@ Close_Second

LOL, you think i give a f*ck what you call me? if MS wants leave the backdoor open, ima walk right through. they do it with everything (PCs, OS, consoles....)

dude i'm not gonna pay next-gen money for last-gen tech. sony used bluray which was a great call. i could care less if MS bricks the console cause we know how to unbrick it, plus i don't even have it anymore my cousin does.

yea i prirate games and movies. ya got me, ima theif. i'll take ya b!tch too so you better watch out. then you'll be REALLY mad! LOL

all that name calling just just shows how much of a p*ssy you are. internet tough guy huh? you let what i do with a system i bought with my money get you that upset and i'm the loser??? LOL

that was funny

EDIT: *sigh*

ok ima make this very short and simple for ya:

$60 360 games come on dvds. dvd = last-gen
$60 PS3 games come on bluray. bluray = next-gen

dvd burners have been around way longer than bluray burners therefor it will always be cheaper to burn dvds. eventually it will be possible to burn PS3 games but they will never be as cheap or as easy to burn as 360 games.

Halo playing in 640p isn't very next-gen to me

#4 (my favorite)
yes, your calculator can crunch numbers. but it can't do 2 trillion calculations per second. and neither can the 360 ;)

have a nice day

Close_Second4405d ago (Edited 4405d ago )

Yeah, its Microsoft's fault your a lowlife thief. You f**king loser - I can't wait until Microsoft does brick everyones 360 who gets it modded to play pirate games.

Don't care what excuse you think justifies your habbits, you're just a f**king thief.

What do you mean not paying next-gen money for last-gen tech. If the 360 was the same price as a PS3 then I'd agree but it is well priced considering the technology it uses. Games are also less expensive than on the PS3 so your argument is bollocks.

Oh yeah, final point - the fact that there are few Blu-Ray burners on the market so far is that its still new tech. It was the same story with DVD when it first is the scene. Give it 2-3 years and Blu-Ray burners will become common...which should keep the pirate community happy.

By the way, what was last gen about Gears of War, BioShock and Halo 3? Take the Blu-Ray out of the PS3 and you aint got much left to pay next gen prices for. Sure the Cell can crunch numbers but so can my calculator.


#1. Wow, you did make it simple. Basically by putting games on DVD they can't be considered next-gen games. Kind of like buying a brand new car and driving it on the same road...well, how can it be the latest model car if it uses the same road as previous models?!?

#2. I don't pirate so couldn't care less how much you save through your dishonesty. A stupid point though really, its cheaper to take those types of drugs so I'll always get my high that way. Point is here – don’t do drugs but I get the feeling any sort of moral debate is wasted on you anyway.

#3. Say what you like, Halo 3 is a next-gen experience - a fantastic game that most next-gen owners will still be playing for many years. Next gen does not just mean 1080p, oh but wait, being a PS3 owner you brought into that whole 4D thing…

#4. True, but at least my calculator does not turn me into an obnoxious git.

Itachi4405d ago

the console breaks all the time

and the games are 640p

nuff said

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Xbox is the BEST4405d ago

this explains why the PS2 consoles to games ratio is uneven. Europeans don't game hard as Americans. I mean 50% of PS2 sales were from Europe and we have more consoles sold that games in the PS2 generation.

NeonSkull4405d ago

we game hard in europe we game real hard. We just like more variety that most red neck halo luvin americans.

Xbox is the BEST4405d ago (Edited 4405d ago )

explain why PS2 consoles out numbered the games sold. Maybe you game hard. Variety well there is games out/coming out ooh wait if you own a PS3 them I feel your pain.

NeonSkull4405d ago

can you give proof that console sold>software sold.

aaquib24405d ago

Failing in Europe...PS3 murdering it in sales
Failing in Japan...Gameboy colour murdering it in sales
Doing ok in US...Americans are idiots who buy 1 thing...guns

NeonSkull4405d ago

this is why you have one bubble, you are an idiot.

Armyless4405d ago

what the hell is wrong with you? nobody is that stupid by accident.

HeavyweightInTheGame4405d ago

Some people assume its selling well and others assume its not. I am going to go with the opinion that it sells well in EU due to the fact that the majority of sales figures show that it's doing rather well in EU outside of the UK except for a few countries. I don't know what to believe anymore. If you think it sells well, think that. If not, think that. These types of articles don't mean much to me anymore.