Indian Review of Halo 3

Navneet Prakash of reports:

"Halo 3 is a potent intoxicant that's lured thousands of gamers. Even I got my copy, and I've been hooked ever since! The single player is great, the game looks good, but the star of the show is Halo 3 online."

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Young Capwn4133d ago

Well they dont have HDTV's over there so it wouldnt matter.

Its like selling sh*t to a family of flies.

Bnet3434133d ago

but you can play Halo 3 in HD. I play it in 1080i.

BloodySinner4133d ago

So Indian people are flies now, Young Capwn? Is that what you're implying?

mandrake4133d ago

All this means is that more pirated copies of Halo 3 will circulate in India. Until China and India get serious about protecting intellectual property, those two markets will never realize the potential that their huge population numbers would seem to suggest. I hope the governments there realize that failing to protect intellectual property will also stunt the development of home-grown Indian or Chinese creative talent, not just in software but in literature, art and science in general, thereby causing long-term damage to their economies and cultures.